HVC Campers

When we are asked, "What kind of children attend HVC?" we describe Hidden Valley campers as independent, non-competitive, creative and open-minded. This is not a fancy place, so we don't worry about wearing certain kinds of clothes or "who-is-friends-with-who?" Rather, returning campers welcome newcomers into a community to whose values they hold a wonderful loyalty. In short, these are upbeat children who throw themselves happily into camp life.

HVC is diverse and international. Two-hundred and fifty boys and girls ages 8 to 14, from far and wide, attend each session. Over the years, Hidden Valley has hosted children from 50 countries. Campers come from throughout New England, the NYC area, up and down the east coast and as many as 15 other states each summer.

We like the emphasis on diversity and the inclusiveness of the camp. - HVC Parent

In addition to all their summer outdoor activities, HVC campers have a blast in their cabins - about 12 campers and 3-4 camp counselors - as they share meals and special events, participate in cabin nights, etc. Read more about cabin life.

What will you do all day at HVC?

There are so many, that you would have to keep on being a camper until you are older that the counselors in order to do all of them. And the great thing is that you get to choose which ones you like... Love art? You can sing, dance, be on stage and create pieces for the art show here. Crazy about animals? No problem (unless you insist on spending the summer with camels; we do have plenty of llamas however!) Want to play sports, climb, roll or get wet? Check it out!

Summer is the time for things that can't happen the rest of the year! And here's a look at more fun!

Meet kids like you from all over the US and overseas, campers who come to HVC because they too want to be in a place where children accept one another. Here's a look at cabin life at HVC.

What's it like to be away from home?

Many of our campers been away from home before, at HVC or another camp, visiting relatives or going on extended school trips. For many first-time HVC'ers, this is a new experience, and so we identify many sources of support as we anticipate this adventure:

• Parents play a critical role both before and during the sessions here.

• Camp counselors (3-4 per cabin) dedicate themselves to children's adjustment and ongoing success.

 Meg and Peter (meet them here) are involved in all aspects of camp life, especially the ongoing development of cabin groups.

• Returning campers have "bought in to" HVC's inclusive positive values, and create a welcome atmosphere in the cabin and classes.

• Most importantly... New campers bring with them a sense of adventure and all of the personal resources they have gained in their lives. They invariably succeed because they are resilient and enthusiastically willing to get involved in all aspects of community life. Here's how adults can help children identify their strengths pre-camp.

He had a wonderful time and seemed to love everyone at camp. The positive, fun-loving, kind spirit of HVC still lives on in our house. - HVC Parent

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