HVC Alumni Reunion - Registration Form

• Register for the 2014 HVC Alumni Reunion, Sept 19-21
• Please carefully complete this entire form and pay as directed at the bottom of this form.
• If there are any questions contact peter@hiddenvalleycamp.com

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Additional family members attending:

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Please note any diet restrictions or allergies. (Note: HVC will serve ample healthy meals including a vegetarian alternative. If you or family members have food allergies or a gluten-free diet, you are encouraged to purchase and bring to camp your chosen alternative food items.)

Attendees would like to share a cabin with: (List 1 or 2 people only; no guarantees; we’ll do our best.)


After clicking "Submit", please pay as follows:
• Send a check made out to Hidden Valley Camps to: HVC-Alumni Reunion, 161 Hidden Valley Rd., Freedom, ME 04941
• Call 800-922-6737 between the hours of 9-3 weekdays and provide credit card by phone.
We will not be able to take credit card payments on line at this time.

HVC assumes we are collecting information from an adult or a child with adult permission and supervision. Please read the term and conditions.

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