Staff Travel Information

We know that you have lots to sort out with your arrival at camp. Some of you will be coming long distances to join us. We have tried to provide as much information as possible below. If you still have questions, or if you haven't told us your travel plans yet, please send us an email!

You are due at camp on the date listed on your Employment Agreement. As with all jobs, we expect people to be here on time. Of course, feel free to arrive earlier in the day to give yourself time to settle in. Please stay in touch with the camp office about your plans.

If You Are DRIVING to Camp

We'll expect you to arrive at camp by 4pm. Click here directions. PLEASE DO NOT USE GPS OR ONLINE MAPS for directions. Trust us, you won't end up at camp! Also, please let us know if you have room for additional passengers. Often, counselors use the Staff Facebook page to sort out a drive share.

If You Are FLYING to Camp

For those of you arriving by plane, plan to arrive in Portland (80 miles away) by 3pm and we will pick you up.

If you arrive after 3pm, we may not be able to pick you up on the day of your arrival, and YOU will be responsible for the cost of spending the night in Portland.  In this case you must arrive in Portland 1 day earlier.

If you are having trouble finding a flight please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Please let us know your flight information by May 24th; this will help us with logistics.

If You Are taking the BUS to Camp 

We'll be happy to pick you up at the Belfast, ME bus stop when you arrive. Please email us by May 24th with full arrival info. The bus stop is 18 miles from camp.

From New York City: There are two buses that depart New York City each day and arrive in Belfast, Maine. You should plan to take the earliest bus that departs New York unless there is a specific reason you cannot make an early bus. This is usually at 7am and arrives in Belfast, ME at 5:15pm. Your bus will depart from the Port Authority Bus Terminal. You will need to switch buses in Boston to a Concord Coach bus to Belfast. If you cannot make the 7am bus there is another bus that departs later and arrives in Belfast around 10:15pm.

From Boston: There are two buses that depart Boston, MA each day and arrive in Belfast, ME. You should plan to take the earliest bus that departs Boston unless there is a specific reason you cannot make the early bus. Please check with the bus company for times (usually around noon). The earliest bus will arrive in Belfast, ME around 5:15pm.
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