Pre-Camp Staff Training

During these TWO WEEKS you will:

  • Get acclimated to daily life on our 350 lovely acres. 
  • Discuss child development issues and relationship building.
  • Develop lesson plans and participate in "practice classes" with your co-teachers.
  • Explore methods of group building and conflict resolution with young people. 
  • Review a range of safety and first aid topics.
  • Prepare for the many ways in which we can support children's emerging sense of independence. 
  • Commence creation of a family atmosphere in your cabin. 
  • Have Fun! We create a supportive productive international staff group, enjoy a day on the ropes course, visit the coast, etc.

Ongoing Staff Training

Throughout the Summer Season, Staff Training includes:

  • Staff meetings every other day to prepare for special programs and address needs of campers and staff.
  • Weekly lunch meetings with your cabin counseling team and a Director to discuss camper needs and plan cabin programs
  • Ad hoc meetings in your program teaching areas
  • Performance evaluations conducted part way through summer to address individual accomplishments and areas for growth
  • Chats with Meg & Peter and the camp's five Program Directors whenever needed to address counseling and teaching challenges as they develop.
  • Prior to our two week staff orientation, many staff receive training and credentials in Red Cross Lifeguard Training, Maine Trip Leader, and at the horse area and ropes course. Please ask us about these opportunities.

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