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Oh Babe, I Hate To Go…

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Top o’ the mornin’, folks!

Olive Oyl here with your departure Day dish! We were up bright and early this morning, woken up by the beautiful singing of Taj and Forbidden. We headed over to breakfast and warmed up with some hot chocolate before saying goodbye to our friends on the Newton and New York buses and those traveling to the airport. We had campers and counselors from around the world- England, France, Australia, Venezuela, and Mexico, just to name a few. These special folks have begun to make their way back to their respective corners of the globe, but despite this geographic difference, we all have one thing in common– being a part of the amazing family here at Hidden Valley. We bid everyone adieu with the HVC classic funky chicken, which also included the funky lobster, moose, gnome, and llama. Campers who are leaving by car are currently watching a movie or hanging out before they’re swooped away by family and say see ya later to Hidden Valley.

Last night’s Closing Pine Grove ceremony was serene and magical. Walking up to the campfire, we All cabins shared something special with the group, like Shangri-La’s original song, “Tasty Cookie,” and Forbidden’s improv storytelling. Halley’s Comet sang “Lean On Me,” Fiddler’s Green sang “I’m Yours” and Taj Mahal sang “The Rainbow Connection.” Alive led us in a rain circle, Atlantis did the HVCclassic Princess Pat, and Down Under did Boom-Chicka-Boom. Some former- campers-now-counselors revived an old singalong, “Because I came to HVC…” and two of our international counselors shared a day in the life of a British/Australian counselor, complete with slang and vocabulary discrepancies. Camelot sang “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” and French Quarter sang “When I’m Gone,” while Paquatahnee had us doing the jellyfish. Treasure Island sang the “FUN” song from Spongebob and on a more serious note, Meg and the AWAC ladies led us in “The Farthest Field.” And of course, Tom and his dulcimer class played and sang for us. It was a night of music, laughter, and memories. After all of our acts, we started the candle-lighting ceremony, where we filled in the path down Tipi Hill, getting the chance to say goodbye to our friends with a candle touch or a hug. Pine Grove gave us a chance to reflect on the friendships we made this summer, all we’ve accomplished in our classes, and prepared us for heading home and having a successful year.

Be sure to check on the Facebook page for updates on the buses as your campers make their way home! We’d also like to apologize for some technical difficulties, but not to fret, photos from yesterday and the day before are up and ready to view!

Sadly, this is our final post of the summer. Reporting the news is our favorite part of the day, and it has been an absolute pleasure to share all the HVC gossip with you! Hopefully we’ll be in touch in future summers!

Up Up And Away,

Olive and Alleycat

Dance, Dance!

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Hidden Valley fans! Hi! This is Alleycat here with some more info for you all.

We missed the schvitz last night! Which is the best news, because that means our Fair Day dance was able to be held in the backyard, as tradition goes. The music pumped from the gazebo as campers and counselors went wild. Others swung on the swings, played cards, played magic, played frisbee (lots of playing, as it should be), made a fort of Crazy Creeks, and more. Everyone found something to do, whether it be sign their friend’s white books or read their latest literary addiction beneath the apple tree. To close the evening, the PDs hooked up a projector in the gazebo and campers were able to watch the highlight videos from end of first session/beginning of second session and another second session video.

It is the ever enchanting packing day today and as a bit of a treat, wake up and breakfast were an hour later and breakfast was… cinnamon rolls! Cinnamon buns! Cinnabuns! Cinnarolls! Whichever name you fancy, I hope we can agree that the cinnamon dose of sugar was a wonderful kickstart to the day.

At morning meeting, Peter and Meg honored the pro staff, the ladybugs and maintenance staff, all of the counselors, and of course our FANTASTIC PDs. Roses, cards, and hugs along with some kind words from Peter broke up the epic long camp meeting which included a breakdown of our eventful day today. Campers picked up their valuables, meds, sorted through the lost and found, and claimed their masterpieces before heading back to their cabins to do a deep clean and pack… which is where there are now!

Lunch is soon and after that each cabin has a very special cabin day activity planned. There will be an update of this and pictures later on tonight. As well as a brief update from the spectacular not-to-be-missed lobster banquet!!

Then it’s pine grove tonight with a candlelight ceremony to say see you later to all our new and old friends… and a 5AM wake-up so kiddos can make their way to their folks in the morning.

Everything is moving right along here. Though it’s always a bit sad to leave a magical place like HVC, everyone has grown and learned about themselves this summer and we are all incredibly lucky to have a place like this.

Until tonight,

Packing, Cleaning, Lobster, and…Phish Food!

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Good evening, one and all! Olive Oyl reporting for duty with your Packing Day scoop.

After a yummy lunch and with our cabins sparkly clean, cabins spread out around camp for their final cabin activities. LCH went blueberry picking, Avalon did an obstacle course, and Loons performed a closing ritual at the log cabin. Gimme Shelter practiced their survival skills in the great outdoors whileChateau Fiasco took a dip in the hot tub. Treasure Island also got wet, going for a swim in the lake, while Atlantis went on a hike up past the log cabin. Forbidden Planet took a trip off camp to get some ice cream and Taj Mahal sledded on frozen t-shirts (their Taj shirts that they’ve been waiting for all summer!). Down Under did splatter art and French Quarter did artwork using the outlines of their bodies. Paquatahnee decorated shirts with puffy paint and Shangri-La signed t-shirts and finished a glass fusing project that they’ve been working on all summer. Valhalla had a picnic lunch at Tipi Village and Halley’s Comet decorated t-shirts and made buttons. Camelot made memory boats down at the creek and Fiddler’s Green designed t-shirts and went for a swim in the lake. Alive did what they do best (art!) and screenprinted in the Buckhorn. All in all, cabins had an awesome time spending some last bonding moments with their cabin-mates and reminiscing about all of this summer’s good times.

After our quality cabin time, we gathered for the very important luggage meeting, where trunks and duffels get sorted so they can be efficiently sent on buses, cars, and planes home. Once the great luggage move was completed, we gathered for our final evening meeting, complete with all of our usual acts, like the Gurus of Uselessness and the Weather Guy, there to share one last useless fact and weather report with camp. The next part of the day is probably the part of the day that most have been looking forward to…the Lobster Banquet! We relaxed in our seats ready to be waited on by our counselors, put on our lobster bibs, got our wet naps ready, and chowed down! We ate scrumptious lobster, salad, potatoes, and bread rolls. There were of course options for those non-lovers of lobster, like spanakopita and chicken parmigiana. And I can’t forget the cherry on top of the sundae of the meal…Ben and Jerry’s ice cream! After a much deserved thank you to our incredible kitchen staff, Meg suited up in her cow costume and handed out Phish Food, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Cherry Garcia, and more. With our bellies full of yumminess, we’ll soon gather at the bottom of Tipi Hill to start our Closing Pine Grove ceremony. We will walk up in silence following the light of a torch, taking time to reflect on all that we’ve accomplished this summer. Once at Pine Grove, we’ll listen and share stories and songs around the campfire. To end the night, we’ll have our traditional candle lighting ceremony, where we’ll have the opportunity to individually say goodbye by touching candle flames. Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for an update with more Pine Grove details. Until then, camp is winding down as the end is near. Closing Pine Grove offers us time to appreciate the wonderful people here at Hidden Valley and our successes of the summer, whether it be a woodworking project, getting a level three on the swim test, or making a new friend. Although it’s sad to leave, in the words of Taj’s Thought Du Jour this morning, don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Olive Oyl


Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Alive

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Hi there, Hidden Valley weirdos! Alleycat here with lazy day news and a brief, though nonetheless exciting, FAIR DAY UPDATE! Aw, yeah!

Yesterday, the younger half had a blast at the roller-skating rink. Kids skated or bladed, had a snack, and played in the arcade. Everyone held onto their friends as they circled the rink and listened to some great music.

The older half stayed behind for a Broadway Bonanza lazy day. It was a musical day full of breathtaking sunshine.

Both groups had some time to hang out and relax at pool activities, where the music continued. There were all the usual activities there: reading circles, more writing in white books, friendship bracelets, a slip-n-slide, frisbee, and more.

After a delectable pizza dinner and a chunk of time afterwards for a brief start on packing, all of camp went into the rec hall for the Alive show! The teen art program Alive’s theme this year was life and among dances and other acts, scenes were weaved through the show. The premise was that the planets wanted to create a new one. After a few failed attempts, the missing ingredient was life. It was a truly spectacular evening. There was so much talent and hard work on display!

Today is fair day. Everyone is in their cabin doing a bit of cleaning or running around the front/back yard setting up their booths. After this, we will walk up to Brumby for the Brumby horse show… and then let the festivities (and chocolate fountain) begin!

Stay tuned for more, folks.

Here are some photographs from the Alive show last night, but there will be even more photos from yesterday (and today) later on!


The Fairest Fair Of Them All

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Greetings, folks! News correspondent Olive Oyl here with your second Fair Day update!

The Brumby horse show went fantastically this morning, with campers showing off all of their tricks and skills on the beautifully decorated horses, manes complete with flowers and braids. After the show we dived right into fair day, where we munched on lots of yummy food and partook in super fun activities. Taj Mahal did their classic kiss-o-grms, Valhalla was manning the marriage booth, and Shangri-La got soaked with the dunk tank. Chateau Fiasco and Gimme Shelter got competitive with pillow jousting and sumo wrestling. Loons did the slip and slide on Tipi Hill and Down Under face painted. Haley’s Comet kept the party alive DJ-ing in the Gazebo. Avalon did the Moon Bounce in the backyard while Paquatahnee helped those having identity crises with name changes. French Quarter predicted the future with fortune telling and recorded guesses for the Jelly Bean Count…it ended up being a tie between Camelot and Paquatahnee, who will each get 609 and a half jelly beans (the total was 1,218 and both cabins guessed 1,200). In terms of food, there was lots going on with Forbidden Planet doing their standard fried dough, Treasure Island carting around pretzels, and Camelot scooping ice cream. Atlantis did the drinks booth, Fiddler’s Green had the chocolate fountain, and LCH had mozzerella and popcorn. In addition to all of this grub, there were corn dogs, hot dogs, and sausages…so much yum, so little time!

After Fair Day we headed back to our cabins for some down time and a little bit of packing. We then congregated in the rec hall to watch the camp slideshow and footage from video classes. After enjoying a delicious dinner of chicken burgers, onion rings, salad with cranberries and walnuts, and home-baked cookies, we will have our Fair Day Dance in the backyard…I can’t wait to jam out to some awesome tunes!

Tomorrow is Packing Day, which as you may have guessed means lots of packing, moving our luggage, and cabin cleaning. Tomorrow night’s evening program is closing Pine Grove, which is sure to bring up wonderful memories of the summer as we prepare to say goodbye to this amazing place we call Hidden Valley.

With all of this end of camp business going on, our next few updates may be a little scarce, but we’ll be in touch as often as we can!

Now for some sweet Fair Day photos plus pictures from yesterday’s trip at the Roller Rink!

Until We Meet Again,


It’s The Last Day of Classes, But It’s Not the Last of the Fun!

Sunday, August 11th, 2013

Good morning, ladies and germs! Special reporter Olive Oyl here with all your HVC news! It’s a beautiful and sunny last day of classes here, with campers perfecting choreography, grouting mosaics, and putting the finishing touches on woodshop pieces as we prepare for the art show and tonight’s evening program, Sharing Night! Sharing Night is a time for campers to share all that they’ve worked on these past two weeks, with acts ranging from songs to dances to poetry. It’s sure to be amazing and I surely can’t wait!

Yesterday was a busy day full of lots of action with the tennis tournament, the Montville Road Race and the Camper vs. Counselor basketball game. Sisters Alanna and Ivana will face off today in the tournament…it’s sure to be an exciting game! Those who participated in the race yesterday had an early breakfast and then headed off on their run. Hidden Valley dominated the finish line, with our very own kitchen staff member coming in first place! In the afternoon we sweated a bit more in the basketball game, with campers and counselors playing a close match. There was lots of hustle and teamwork and of course the game wouldn’t be complete without an appearance by the infamous “Team X”. The counselors ended up on top with a score of 26 to 23, but as we say here at Hidden Valley, we’re all winners!

Last night’s evening program was one we were all waiting for…the musical! And it sure did live up to the hype! We were dazzled by singing candlesticks, talking teapots, a furry beast, and a beautiful princess. The music was melodious, the choreography was charming, and the acting was amazing. We still have lots of performances to look forward to this session, with Sharing Night tonight and the Alive Show tomorrow night. Although camp is winding down, there’s still tons of fun to come, like the Broadway Lazy Day and younger half Roller Rink trip, the Brumby Horse Show, and Fair Day!

Don’t forget to  check out photos from the basketball game, the musical, and this morning’s meeting!

Lots of Love,


So Much To Share, So Little Time.

Sunday, August 11th, 2013

Good evening everyone George of the Jungle here with our second report of the day.
We’ve had a massively jam packed day here today and our reporters have decided that just one news report for today is simply not enough. So I am delighted to bring you all the news from this evenings incredible sharing night along with a run down on whats coming up with tomorrows Lazy Day before the crew here at HVC take a lazy day break from reports and catch up with you all on Fair Day (Tuesday) morning!

The sun has set on the final day of classes and many a camper has headed off to sleep in this beautiful valley after an epic day in the sun. The final interest groups have been had and art projects completed. Waterballons were thrown and many a fort did fall down at The End of the World. Promos wrapped up with a record breaking 13 items promoted at evening meeting and the final products of the pickle sacrifice were consumed down at Planet Meg this afternoon. All in all camp is wrapping up splendidly. The incredible end to the summer was further highlighted by tonight’s evening program, the final sharing night of the summer! We began the evening outside on the rec hall field where dancers, play writes, mad scientists and guitarists wowed us with their impressive skills. Extreme llama carers and members of the outreach outdoor crew, who had composed a song for the occasion along with some terrific tango-ers also graced the stage with their tremendous talents.

We moved indoors for our ear drums to be burst by the thumping beats of the rock bands and an incredible stop motion modern movement dance film. Next up we were treated to a jogging demonstration that turned out to be a flash mob and then it was time for the best of Improv classes and a sock monkeys class who told a riveting tale of alien invasion. Songwriters performed their new songs and the evening came to a close with a chaotically wonderful Ukulele performance channeling the spirit of the camp wide phenomena, Aloha Tuesday- despite it being a Sunday…

And so the final Sharing night for 2013 has came to a close and bed time has been and gone and our cohort of talented but tired campers are tucked up safe in their cabins.

Both the younger and older half have trotted off to bed now so they can be bright, ready and refreshed for tomorrows final lazy day festivities.

The Younger half will be heading off this morning to enjoy all that the Roller Rink has to offer. I personally can’t wait to grab some skates and enjoy the smooth tunes and fun games always played on the rink. There will also be activities at the ready for those of us less willing to go for a roll. When they return the younger half will enjoy an outside lunch in the back yard before some afternoon rest, relaxation and cleaning time. Before dinner and evening meeting the Younger Half will also enjoy a chilled out afternoon down by the pool for one last summer swim, friendship bracelet making session and relaxation time before the end of camp festivities begin.

While on camp tomorrow the older cabins will enjoy a slight sleep in and some time to spruce up their cabins after breakfast before donning their dancing shoes and warming up their vocal cords for the main act of tomorrows lazy day- the Broadway Bonanza!

Camp will inherit a dramatic flare tomorrow as musical and Broadway themed activities take over different parts of camp. Activities will include The Wizard of Oz Obstacle Course, Little Shop of Horrors Sock Puppet creation, Peter Pan Flying lessons up on Tipi Hill and the building of a Les Mis inspired barricade in the rec hall.

After their own outside lunch and rest period the Older Half will be joining their younger counterparts for some fun in the sun down by the pool before returning up to the back yard where we shall, for the final time this summer, swap stories of our various lazy day adventures.
For dinner we will be treated to some scrumptious pizza dinner and shall be returning to the rec hall tomorrow evening for our fourth consecutive night of incredible camp talent with the Alive Show. A culmination of four weeks planning, preparation and hard work by our on camp teen program Alive, having caught a glimpse at their rehearsal today i am sure it is a night not to be missed!

Until next time folks it has been my pleasure corresponding with you, watch out for those trees.
Forever Yours,
George of the Jungle.


Photos from Sharing Night:


A Fantastic Day of Mr. Fox and Grossness!

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Go0o0od morning, everyone. Alleycat here with zee Hidden Valley Camp latest scoop.

I’m pleased to report that it did end up being a gross day indeed! Gross Day? In the rain?! Sure! Why not! All the usual nastiness ensued: gnarly shaving cream hair-dos, a disgusting obstacle course, a slimy dunk-tank, slip-n-slide, condiment Twister.. and more! I mustn’t forget to mention the tranquility area for those that getting dirty doesn’t precisely strike a chord with. Gross Day is always something special to behold, whether participating in it or just observing. Everyone went wild.

Once the older half returned from their stellar roller-skating trip they got the special opportunity to sit in the rec hall and watch the mega-classic Back to the Future part 1!

Everyone trekked back to their cabins after these activities for a bit of an extreme cabin clean and rainy day rest session.

On the menu for dinner was a Mexican feast! Soft and hard shell tacos, homemade guacamole, salsa, rice, and a cinnamon chocolate brownie that was to die for.

After dinner, it was back to the rec hall for the marvelous tale Fantastic Mr Fox! Since the cast members of the play did not receive their script until very late, they took it upon themselves to read the children’s story and adapt it for the stage, chapter by chapter. The result was truly hilarious with some zany details such as an angsty teenager fox, water guns, and a pre-quel scene written by a camper. Everyone did an amazing job.

AND THEN, OH AND THEN… there was a surprise dance! And we boogied with Bohemian Rhapsody to end the evening.

Camp will have the privilege to watch another camper performance tonight… the musical Beauty and the Beast! It’s one of my favorite stories and I know there are others just as excited as I am! Stay tuned for updates on that performance tomorrow.

Until then, check out  some awesome photographs!

P.S. The weather guy predicted a 10/10 today after the schvitzy day we had yesterday… and so far, it looks like an 11. As Peter said this morning, if we had so much fun yesterday… today better watch out!



All Smiles and Some Schvitz on this Trip/Lazy Day!

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Howdy, folks! Special reporter Olive Oyl here with your Trip/Lazy day update! We’re experiencing some schvitz here at Hidden Valley so we’ve had to adapt to the wet weather, but that doesn’t mean we’re not having lots of fun! Unfortunately due to the schvitz, we’re experiencing a little bit of phone and internet interruptions, so if you’re trying to reach camp, bear with us and we’re expected to be back to normal tomorrow.

The older half is making the trek out of camp today for a morning at the roller rink where they’ll get the option to be modern or retro, with either rollerblading or roller skating. At the rink they’ll also be treated to a yummy soda and snack. The roller rink trip is definitely a highlight of the summer, whether you’re an experienced skater or are prone to falling on your bottom. While the older half is skating away, the younger half is being lazy here on camp. Because of the rainy weather, we had to accommodate our Gross Day schedule, so after breakfast we went back to our cabins for some cleaning and downtime, and then headed over to the Rec Hall for a movie (Back To The Future…the best!). After the movie we’ll have some lunch and if the weather clears up, we’ll have our gross day activities as planned. If the schvitz continues, we will have the Newspaper Fashion Show, where campers dress up their counselors or AWACs in outfits designed entirely out of newspaper to be modeled for the rest of camp. Either activity is sure to be a blast! Later on we’ll have rest hour and a super cabin clean, complete with cabin inspections, which are sure to be wacky. Tonight’s evening program is The Fantastic Mr. Fox, the play that campers have been working on all summer. I’m excited to see all the hard work that has been put in to this sure to be fantastic production!

Last night’s evening program was electives, where campers have many options for their evening plans. For those interested in being outdoors, you could go on a hike, creek walk, or play golf around camp. If you were feeling artsy, you could create and take awkward family photos, have a splatter paint party, sandblasting, or do light painting. For those with a sweet tooth, there was ice cream making and taste-testing and baking orange brownies. There were also the camp classics of capture the flag and Peter’s secret tour. Campers got to choose whatever tickled their fancy and at the end of the night we all reconvened in the Rec Hall to share what we did. Before we went off to bed we joined in on a few songs, with the help of Peri and her guitar and then Peter and Meg leading us in a three-part round. Nothing like some beautiful music to wrap up a wonderful day.

The past few days we’ve had the special treat of the Alive Talent Show, which has been a few performances after lunch. The acts have featured spoken word poetry, ukulele singing, and modern dancing, just to name a few. It’s been amazing to see the talents of the Alive teens, and it’s definitely gotten everyone excited for the Alive show, which is coming up in just a few days.

Camp has begun to wind down, as departure day is a week from yesterday…hard to believe! Peter and Meg spoke to this point at morning meeting yesterday, saying that while we have so much to look forward to, it’s also in the back of our minds that we’ll soon be leaving this wonderful place. Throughout the summer we’ve all gotten to know each other and create a community and soon enough we’ll be saying our goodbyes. Time really does fly when you’re having fun!

Make sure to check out photos from Dress in the Dark Day, extreme llama care, and electives!

Ta-ta for now




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Rain, I Don’t Mind, Shine The Weather’s Fine!

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Hey there, ladies and gents! Olive Oyl here with your HVC scoop! Despite the morning schvitz, it’s only smiling faces here at camp, where we had a hilarious morning meeting with lots of goofy moments. It’s Dress in the Dark Day, so counselors and campers came to breakfast decked out in their most ridiculous outfits. There were inside out shorts, backwards jackets, underwear as hats, and mismatched shoes…no where else on earth could fashion choices like this be as applauded. Meg showcased her perfect pickle, complete with chanting from the crowd, which will sadly end its life this afternoon as it will be eaten at interest groups. We also cashed in on a Wheel of Misfortune prize, which is Stephen the counselor dressing up as Frodo from Lord of the Rings (his celebrity look-a-like) for the day, with script in hand willing and able to act out scenes at any given moment. This prize is sure to provide lots of entertainment for the day!

Before this morning’s silly meeting, we had a very epic evening meeting last night, complete with Wheel prizes, mad science, and gifts. We honored our five year campers, counselors, and staff with the HVC classic five year vests, all warm and fleecy and ready to be broken in. This special group was thanked for their contributions to camp and urged to spread Hidden Valley’s values of friendship, community, and love to the world outside of camp. We also acknowledged our eight week campers with comfy and cozy Hidden Valley sweatshirts, which will surely come in handy as these August nights become chillier. In addition to these sentimental moments, there was also lots of fun, like the spud gun, which is a contraption made to shoot potatoes into the sky…it was awesome! Everyone turned to view the spud works and watched potatoes fly in the sky! We saw even more things shoot in the air, with the mad science class demonstrating the Diet Coke and Mentos phenomenon, which created a giant fountain of foam! Mad science also showed us alka seltzer rockets, which popped up and created quite a fizz! Last but not least in our epic meeting was Taj Mahal’s Wheel of Misfortune prize of waxing Rob the counselor’s legs. The girls warmed up the wax and showed no mercy as they not-so-gently stripped Rob of his bushy forests of leg hair.

As camp begins to wind down, we’ve started many end of camp traditions, like the soccer game, which took place yesterday afternoon. It was a close game, with counselor-camper mixed teams, ending with a score of 5 to 4. There was lots of hustle and teamwork on the field, and of course HVC goofiness, like two of our counselors accidentally scoring in the opposite team’s goal. The crowd was energetic and supportive, doing the wave and cheering from the sidelines. We also had a commentator, who provided athletic insights and interviewed players. And how could I forgot the special soccer game snack? We enjoyed hot dogs and of course Blue Sky to wash it all down.

Last night’s evening program was cabin night, where cabins have the chance to spend time with each other and have tons of fun! LCH went on a hike up to the log cabin and Avalon did a slip and slide on Tipi Hill. Loons was also atop Tipi Hill, enjoying a bird’s eye view from he zip line. Gimme Shelter had a goodbye party for a cabin mate complete with hot chocolate. Chateau Fiasco had a paint party outside and also sipped on hot cocoa. Treasure Island went into nearby Belfast for ice cream. Atlantis had a Pancake Race, where the cabin was split up into teams and were given fire kits, grills, and pancake ingredients and were competing to see who could make a pancake first, meaning that they had to make both the fire and the pancake mix from scratch. It was a tough competition, but the slow and steady team did in fact win the race. Forbidden Planet had a Pyro-night, where they made sculptures out of clay, twigs, tin foil, and other found objects, and then blasted them with a giant torch! Awesome! The girls also got down and dirty, with Down Under splatter painting and making s’mores by the fire. French Quarter went on a scavenger hunt and finished with a swim in the pool and a campfire. Paquatahnee went for a swim in the lake and camped out under the stars and were greeted with breakfast by their counselors this morning. Shangri-La went on a photo scavenger hunt, where they took photos of memorable spots on camp that will be sent home later on in the year when we’re all feeling camp-sick. The Shangri-ladies ended the night with banana boats at Tipi Village. Valhalla made cookies and Halley’s comet made smoothies and had a dance party and toilet paper fashion show. Camelot went on a creek walk and made s’mores by the fire and Fiddler’s Green baked cookies. Lastly but not leastly, Taj stuck with the classic and made s’mores by the fire.

Be sure to check out HVC podcast’s fourth video:

and of course lovely photos:

Forever yours,

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