Cabin Life at HVC

Our campers attend daily instructional activities based on their own interest, often with similarly inclined cabin mates. Cabin groups gather up for meals, spend rest period together, and will often enjoy a Cabin Night or similar bonding evening time. 

With Meg and Peter's guidance, counselors work prior to camper arrival and throughout the session to create a warm, welcoming and inclusive cabin environment.

Cabin activities may include a swim at rest period, campfires and s’mores, crafts, games, and more on Cabin Night, puddle-jumping when the weather and mood are just right, or mellow “downtime” in the cabin.

Prior to the camp session, staff get to know their campers “on paper,” and then connect with each child upon arrival at Hidden Valley. We call parents with a first-week update.

Cabins eat meals as a group, and enjoy rest period and other special times together as well. Meg and Peter meet regularly with counselors (3-4 staff per cabin) to monitor the progress of their cabin communities.  

“It is clear that the environment you foster really supports the development of close friendships, and a tremendous warmth among the whole cabin group.”  - HVC Parent

Our Cabins

Built in: 1978
Upgraded in: 2008
Official initials: AT
Named after: The idyllic undersea kingdom of course!
Built in: 1998
Official initials: AV
Named after: A legendary island from the tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Arthur was taken to Avalon to recover from wounds. It is also the place where King Arthur's sword, Excalibur was forged.
Blue Moon
Built in: 1996
Upgraded in: 2002
Official initials: BM
Named after: Its beautiful front porch reminded Peter and Meg of an old country cabin.

The Burrow... Formally Ritz Down
Built in: 1983
Upgraded in: 1997
Official Initials: BUR
Named After: The Burrow came into existence in 2010 when Peter issued a formal permit for a name change to the campers in the cabin formally known as Ritz Down. After signing the documents a new sign was made and the cabin officially became The Burrow.
Built in: 1984
Upgraded in: 2000
Official initials: C
Named after: Built during the camp's Utopian phase. Camelot was the castle from the tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
Chateau Fiasco
Built in: Unknown...
Upgraded in: 1999
Official initials: CF
Named after: A lovely place in Big Sur where Peter and Meg stayed a long time ago.

Community House (Also known as Blodgett House)
Built in: 1857
Upgraded in: 2004
Official initials: COMM
Named after: The HV community service and leadership program which live here.
Deer Meadows
Built in: 1847
Upgraded in: 2008
Official initials: DM
Named after: The huge 7 acre front yard, winter home to grazing Bambis.
Down Under
Built in: 1983-1997
Upgraded in: 2006
Official initials: DU
Named after: Inspired by our Aussie and Kiwi counselors and the fact it is below our dance studio.

Built in: 1872
Official initials: FH
Upgraded in: 1995
Named after: The camp's central building dating back to HVC's agricultural days.
Fiddlers Green
Built in: 1983
Upgraded in: 1998
Official initials: FG
Named after: An old Irish legend of a village of paradise that sailors searched for if their ship sank.

Forbidden Planet
Built in: 1982
Upgraded in: 2000
Official initials: FP
Named after: The eponymous film. Beware!

French Quarter
Built in: 1984
Upgraded in: 1984
Official initials: F/4
Named after: A=In honor of a group of campers from New Orleans.
Gimme Shelter
Built in: 1986
Upgraded in: 1997
Official Initials: GS
Named after: Peter’s favorite Rolling Stones song.

Halley's Comet
Built in: 1984
Upgraded in: 2004
Official Initials: HC
Named after: For years this cabin was called “Brumby” in honor of the wild horses of Australia and in fact this building is sometimes the home of our Brumby campers, with a new name inspired by the many stars visible from the top of Brumby Hill and for Comet, a famous race horse.
Lower Carriage House
Built in: 18??
Upgraded in: 2000
Official Initials: LCH
Named after: It really is a carriage house from Hidden Valley's days as a farm.
Log Cabin
Built in: 1977
Upgraded in: Continually
Official initials: HVA
Named after: Duh, 'cause it's made of bricks?!

Built in: 1958
Upgraded in: 2003
Official initials: L
Named after: Officially "The Loons" after the Maine State bird, not the crazy cabin inhabitants!
Paquatahnee (pronounced paq-wat-tan-ee)
Built in: 1990
Official initials: PAQ
Named after: Paquatahnee means "off the beaten path" in local Native American dialect.
PD Barn
Built in: ????
Official initials: PD
Named after: The Program Directors who inhabit the building during the summer.

Ritz Up
Built in: 1983
Upgraded in: 1997
Official initials: RU
Named after: The famous hotel; just don't expect room service in this one.

Built in: 1987
Upgraded in: 2000
Official initials: SL
Named after: Shangri-La is an imaginary utopia in Far Eastern China, a place of permanent happiness
Taj Mahal
Built in: 1982
Upgraded in: 2005
Official initials: TM
Named after: As the camp's largest cabin, why not a grand namesake?!

Tipi Village
Built in: 1977
Official initials: TV
Named after: Tipi Village really is a village of it's own. It consists of 3 tipi's, a kitchen, compost toilet, water well and lots of trails and nature!

Treasure Island
Built in: 1978
Upgraded in: 2008
Official initials: TI
Named after: The Robert Lewis Stevenson classic novel.

Built in: 1983
Upgraded in: 2001
Official initials: VA
Named after: A Norwegian Legend where Valhalla is a big and majestic hall that soldiers travel to in the glorious afterlife to join fellow soldiers and past kings.

Built in: 2000
Official initials: WAB
Named after: Wabanaki means "Children of the Light" in local Native American dialect.

Built in:1979
Upgraded in: 2008
Official initials: W
Named after: "Underground, Overground, Wombling free. The Wombles of Wimbledon Common are we. Making good use of the things that we find. Things that the everyday folks leave behind." Named after imaginary creatures in British children's literature. Wombles live in burrows on Wimbledon Common and rummage in garbage and recycle all that they find into ingenious new inventions.

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