Art Camp

At Hidden Valley we know art camp is fun, and that's just the beginning of the growth we nurture here…

Fun at art camp

Expression: Artists move beyond technical skill, exploring the world of feeling and their own voice or vision.
Identity: The arts help young people look inside and discover who they are and what they believe in.
Persistence: Young artists embrace meaningful problems and persevere through challenges.
Connections: The arts allow creative young people to develop bonds with other like-minded children and adolescents.
And More: Young artists practice skills of Observation, Reflection, and Innovation.

HVC’s Mission for the Arts

Our mission supports children's artistic lives all summer long. These campers may become the creators of the future, growing into innovative leaders who improve the world they inherit.

Art camp rock band

This really truly happens!   According to one study, "Students who study the arts seriously are taught to see better, to envision, to persist, to be playful and learn from mistakes, to make critical judgments and justify such judgments."

Arts help with academics as well: In a study by cognitive neuroscientists, Learning, Arts, and the Brain, it was determined that artistically motivated children develop attention skills and strategies for memory retrieval. "Arts teachers ask their students to use of higher-order thinking skills like analysis, synthesis, and evaluation." 

This camper learns how to shoot with a 35mm manual film camera. 

Every two weeks, HVC dance recitals demonstrate a wide range of camper accomplishments. 

Each session, campers rehearse and perform a musical.

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