Summer Camp Counselors at Hidden Valley

We seek warm, bright, energetic, child-centered individuals for our staff of over 100 summer camp counselors and support staff. In anticipation of an important professional relationship, we interview each candidate, looking for significant personal resources and accomplishments, talents in camp areas, self-awareness, solid judgment, and a capacity to participate productively in a child-centered environment. References and background checks are a required part of this process.

Work with fun summer camp counselors from New Zealand, the UK, and all over the U.S.

Our 2-week staff training addresses relationship building, group life, conflict resolution and more. Counselors then develop teaching programs and a rich understanding of their cabin groups in anticipation of camper arrival.

Peter and Meg provide ongoing staff supervision and guidance. All counselors are trained in risk management and Hidden Valley’s staff also includes five Registered Nurses.

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Staff with Campers

International Camp Counselors

Approximately 15% of our staff hails from countries such as Holland, Britain, and New Zealand; the rest join us from throughout the U.S. Some former campers return to support the next generation of campers.  Many others are students, working artists and outdoors-people who find that Hidden Valley's progressive values and philosophy match their own. Find out more about International Staff life here.

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