Preparing For Camp 

We are so excited that you will soon join us for a wonderful summer of fun, hard work and friendship. As you prepare for arrival, we can provide useful information regarding travel, packing, forms, etc. Please see additional links in the right-hand column. Continue reading here for a perspective on how staff can best prepare for life in the camp community...

Important Links for All HVC Staff

Summer Forms are important and MUST be completed prior to your arrival at camp. Please make sure you've completed all necessary paperwork.

Travel Information: Please check carefully so that you arrive on time.

Packing List: Not sure what to bring? Former staff have provided suggestions.

For International Staff: You may be curious about life at a US camp; we've addressed some of these issues here.

Counselor Job Descriptions and Responsibilities

Meet the Staff: Want to know a little more about other counselors and HVC directors?

Staff member talking to campers
Make the Most of your Summer

To employ an overused word, life at any summer camp can be 'intense.' Some thoughts along these lines as you prepare for a physically and emotionally challenging summer...

Get in physical shape:
Camp life is active, and you'll be walking and running around all day this summer. This will help you keep up with energetic campers.

Take care of yourself!
Please plan to sleep well, eat well and do those things (a daily jog, read, write, swim, etc.) that help you relax and recharge. Once you are here, we can tell you about good running routes, staff swim time, which art studios are available, etc.

Limits and Schedules at Camp:
 On a personal level, counselors gain so much here - friends, access to swimming, crafts, sports, etc., not to mention the joy and growth that a children's camp community produces daily. You will give up some thing as well. Be prepared for a life with wakeup times, bed times, set mealtimes, etc. In other words your daily routines will be less flexible than they might be in the "real world. 

HVC is "device free!" Please read about our "no cell phone" policy in the right column. 
We do use technology selectively (in dance classes for example), and have learned that the unique non-tech aspects of camp community life have much to offer the children and adults here, as does this longtime staff member... "I went virtually all summer without checking my facebook or e-mail. I cannot tell you what a relief that was. It sounds like a trivial detail but I think it's a testament to the fact that I was really 'present' in the moment, with all my energy focused on connecting with my campers and co-workers."

Now more than ever, a peaceful, productive and unpressured community such as ours is a significant resource for families. Your contribution to our children's growth will be an important one, and we look forward to working with you this summer. 

Any questions? Please contact us any time. 

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