Visiting HVC

We look forward to including family members in the camp community. A successful visit does require some planning, so please take time to read this page as you prepare. 

Planning Your Visit

  • Only about 1/3 of Hidden Valley children receive guests. Because most children do not have visitors and also to allow you to appreciate the essence of day-to-day camp life, we do not have a set "visiting day."
  • Please plan a one-day visit. Longer periods distract campers from the independent life they are creating at camp.
  • Our experience supports this: give your child 7 days here on their own so that s/he settles in prior to a visit.
  • Call us to make sure the day you plan is not one on which we have scheduled an out-of-camp trip. Note: We do not leave camp on Saturday or Sunday. 
  • Once you know them, please tell us your visiting plans by email or phone, or via a Visitation Form at your Online Camp Account, going to "Forms & Documents."
  • Make reservations early. Resources can be found at Peter and Meg's Vacation Guide.
  • Driving to HVC — Don't rely on Mapquest or GPS which have frequently led parents astray. Please see driving and parking directions or call/ email us.
When I visited this summer, I sat on the swing in the ‘backyard’ for an hour or so, and you could really see that it was a place filled with people of all kinds of backgrounds, interesting and exciting, and also with a gentle way about itself. - HVC Parent

While At Hidden Valley

We hope your reunion will provide an occasion to celebrate both family relationships and individual accomplishments. It will be wonderful for your child to share "their place" with you. 

Please remember that staff and children work hard to create a warm, enlivening environment that supports an independent summer for children. Visitors support this atmosphere by observing the courtesies noted here...

  • Upon arrival, please follow parking signs, then check in at the office. We'll give you a map of camp and help you find your camper in his-her activities.
  • We encourage you to observe your child's classes. Please introduce yourself to teachers and ask how your presence can best be accommodated.
  • Lunch guests are welcome. Please note that our dining hall cannot accommodate additional people at breakfast and dinner.
  • Because cabins are private and many children will not have guests, please do not enter camper dwellings before 9:00 AM, during rest hour (1:30-2:30) or after 5:30 PM. There are plenty of quiet spots around camp ideal for visiting at these times.
  • We ask that all guests depart prior to dinner time so that cabin groups can concentrate on their evening together.
  • Consider spending private time outside of camp. Please check campers out and note that they must be returned by 8:30 PM. See our vacation guide for a list of sights and eateries. 
  • Guidelines for taking other campers out of camp: Maximum: 1 camper guest who has a previous relationship with your family (cousin, neighbor, etc.) These established family friends must have permission from a parent/guardian to leave with you.

We hope to see you during your visit. We are often busy in activities or meeting with counselors around camp, and so may not be near the office when you arrive. Please let office staff know if you'd like to say hello while you are here and we'll track you down.

Thank you so much for the visit with my daughter. I had so much fun, and I was incredibly impressed with everything I saw all day long! Classes were beautifully run and so engaging. How you produce such delicious food in such large quantities is a mystery to me. Even our quick trip to the Nurse was a lovely experience! I appreciate all you do to create such a happy, loving, child centered environment. - Hidden Valley Camp Parent

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