Bus Travel to HVC

Bus travel is provided to camp on the first day of each of the camp's 4-week sessions. Each bus has 1-2 counselors who orient the group to their day of travel and get to know campers individually, introducing them to cabin mates, etc.
      •   See below for info on return trip.
      •   Look for an email reminder a few days prior to your camper's departure.

Parents waving goodbye to their children Campers boarding the bus to camp

Prep for the Trip to Maine

  • All times noted are for departure.  Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior.    
  • Pack a lunch for your camper.  No peanut butter please.  Staff will provide bottled water.
  • Ipods, gameboys, etc. are OK on bus only, then are kept in our office through the last day of camp.
  • All camp luggage goes on buses.            
  • No cell phones under any circumstances


  • Please wait for the bus to come to a full stop and wait for instructions from our chaperones.
  • Supervise your children while the buses are being loaded.
  • Please help with luggage, loading trunks first.          
  • Do not enter the bus. Say good-byes outside so that we can leave on-time.


  • Delays are avoided. Please note that if only one or two families are late we may only wait for a few minutes.
  • We keep track of bus progress and will post a notice on Facebook or via email if there are significant delays.
  • You will be notified shortly after bus arrival at HVC.


  • Counseling... Each bus has 1-2 counselors who get to know each camper individually and orient the entire bus group to their day of travel. They'll chat about camp life, answer questions and introduce campers to cabin-mates.
  • There are bathrooms on all buses.                            
  • We'll show age-appropriate DVD's on the trip.                              

BUS SAFETY RULES supporting an enjoyable ride to Maine:

  • No loud music or voices
  • Windows must stay closed
  • Stand up only when necessary.
  • Only enter / exit with a counselor.

Upon arrival, our counseling staff helps move luggage. Campers are introduced to their cabin counselors who help unpack, settle campers in their cabins, etc. Dinner, a counselor show, and good-nights round out the day’s activities, with camp tours and other introductory activities the following day. 

Bus Travel from HVC

For the last day of each 4-week session at HVC. Each bus has 1-2 counselors for campers' day of travel. 

DELAYS: If your bus is delayed for a short time, do not be alarmed. For longer delays (from time to time, incoming New York buses are delayed in traffic), please look for messages via email or Facebook. Do not call our office as this clogs phone lines. Thanks for your understanding.

EARLY ARRIVAL: This is possible. We attempt to call or email families to alert you, and wait until scheduled arrival times for all families.

ARRIVAL: Please greet your camper and take responsibility for their supervision. Then help with luggage as noted below.

LUGGAGE: Please help us unload the buses and check all of your child's possessions are with you before bus departs stop.

LATE PARENTS: Often the bus is required to move on to another stop or back to Maine and cannot wait for late parents. If this is the case, your child will be left to wait with another family.

BUS SAFETY RULES: See above; these will be reviewed with campers on the bus.

IN THE EVENT OF EMERGENCY we will alert families via cell or email as quickly as possible.

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