Plane Travel to and from HVC

Please call or email to discuss. Be informed about airline policies regarding unaccompanied minors and overweight luggage. Our counselors will meet children at the gate at the airports. We keep return tickets in safe-keeping. Some arrivals and departures can be coordinated with other families.  Please read on, as there are many details to consider.

Cabin waiting for fellow campers
Campers await the arrival of their cabin-mates in front of the Kassens' farmhouse.

Timing of Flights and Choosing a Destination

Please read this section very carefully and note that there will be extra charges (see section below) for airport trips outside of the recommended arrival/departure windows noted here.

Portland, Maine:

  • Flight arrival at Portland Jetport is best if timed between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on the first day of camp, Saturday (6/23 & 7/19, 2018). Friday evening is OK as well.
  • Flight departure from the Portland Jetport is best if timed between 9 a.m. and 1p.m. on the last day of camp, Thursday (7/19 & 8/16, 2018)
West Coast families: We suggest you arrive in Portland only (not Boston) on Friday evening (6/22 & 7/20, 2018). Please arrange to have your camper arrive in Portland by 9 p.m.

Boston, MA:
For international campers. Note that we will pick up and drop off a small number of American campers at Boston's Logan airport, if absolutely necessary.

  • Please arrive at Logan by 12 noon on the first day of camp (Saturdays, as noted above) to allow for the subsequent 4-hour ride to camp. On occasion, we can pick up children in Boston on the Friday afternoon prior to the first day of camp prior to 6 PM.
  • Trip home: Departure on last day of camp (Thursdays, as noted above ) must be after 2 p.m. to allow for travel from Maine and check-in.

Two-weeker plane travel mid-session stakes place as follows: Incoming on Wednesday (7/4 & 8/1, 2018) between 10 AM at 2 PM to Portland only.  Outgoing on Friday (7/6 & 8/3, 2018) between 11 and 3 PM from Portland only.  Boston travel on these days can be arranged at an extra cost.

Travel not associated with the beginning or end of HVC's regular 4-week sessions:
Extra costs are associated with "custom travel," including some plane travel for 2-weekers flying at the midpoint of our 4-week sessions. Please contact

Please send us a detailed itinerary so that we have full information for children's flights both to and from camp.  We expect to receive your transportation form by March 1st. Thank you!

Airport Transfer Info

If you schedule as we request, then no transfer fees charged.

If you reserve as follows, extra transfer charges will apply:
   • Portland flights on days other than noted: $200.00
   • Boston flights at times/days other than noted: $500.00

Airport Pickup

Portland's Jetport accommodates all aircrafts, but is small enough that we can easily meet all flights. Our counselor groups spend the day at the airport greeting campers at the gates; we can obtain gate passes. We pick up luggage, offer snacks to all, and then travel to camp in large touring buses or our modern vans. Meanwhile, back at Hidden Valley, our office staff will call you at home as soon as we hear from the airport that campers have disembarked (about 30-45 minutes after touchdown.)

Departing Camp 

Note that staff remain in the airport until all flights have departed. Upon takeoff, our office staff are notified and you will receive a call from HVC. Do not be alarmed if this takes a while, as calls take time and actual departure rarely takes place at the exact time predicted. 

For Parents Who Do Not Drive 

If you intend to fly into Maine and need to then make a trip to camp to pick up or drop off your child, please consult this list of Portland Jetport car services. Hidden Valley cannot transport families. Ask services if they can take you to Montville - just inland from Belfast in Waldo County. Physical address is 161 Hidden Valley Rd, Montville, Maine.

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