To Our International Staff

Hidden Valley has a long history of hosting staff from many countries including all parts of the U.K. and Scandinavia; Hungary, the Netherlands, and other European countries; Thailand, South Africa, Senegal, Australia, New Zealand, China, and elsewhere. It is our sincere hope that — like the many hundreds of internationals who have preceded you here — you'll be comfortable at camp and in the surrounding community, and that Hidden Valley and Coastal Maine will become your 'home away from home' in America. To this end, former internationals have helped us compile some tips for those of you traveling here for the first time. 

Packing: Our supply of sleeping gear is limited so please bring a sleeping bag or linens. If you cannot, we'll lend you blankets and linens during staff training, and you can purchase linens and blankets in the local town. (Pillows available for all.) You can review a detailed packing list here

Travel: Scroll down this page for all details.

Mail: We'll provide a few stamps when you arrive here. Once you get settled, camp's office staff can help you acquire postage from the local post office.

Phone, Email & Skype:

- Internet connections are available and two computers are shared by staff for browsing and email use.

- If you have a laptop, you will be able to make skype connections.

- Office staff can sell you phone cards, good for use on pay phones in the US. Rates are reasonable. Phone cards are sold for $10.

- Please remember that cell phones (mobiles) are not permitted on camp property, and your time to use these will be limited to off time only.

Lock Boxes: We have lock boxes for money & valuables (passports, etc.) Please bring a bank card as these are safer than cash. Paychecks are issued bi-weekly, and can be picked up at any point during the summer. These checks and travelers' checks can be cashed nearby for dollars; local banks do not carry foreign currency.

Language: For some of you, English is not your first language. Rest assured that in previous summers, counselors have become comfortable with English after a few days here. You may want to practice speaking English before you begin your travels.

Cultural Differences: You can expect a few, such as American children's interest in 'talking out' their feelings. Or, poor table manners in the U.S. compared to the rest of the world! So, we'll set aside some time to discuss these and other relevant cultural issues when you arrive at camp.

Returning Internationals also provide new folks with guidance and support. And, always remember that Hidden Valley Camp values the unique talents and perspective that Internationals bring to our summer community. 

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