Pre-Camp Staff Training

During these TWO WEEKS you will:

  • Get acclimated to daily life on our 350 lovely acres.
  • Discuss child development issues and relationship building.
  • Develop lesson plans and participate in "practice classes" with your co-teachers.
  • Explore methods of group building and conflict resolution with young people.
  • Review a range of safety and first aid topics.
  • Prepare for the many ways in which we can support children's emerging sense of independence.
  • Commence creation of a family atmosphere in your cabin.
  • Have Fun! We create a supportive productive international staff group, enjoy a day on the ropes course, visit the coast, etc.

Ongoing Staff Training

Throughout the Summer Season, Staff Training includes:

  • Staff meetings every other day to prepare for special programs and address needs of campers and staff.
  • Weekly lunch meetings with your cabin counseling team and a Director to discuss camper needs and plan cabin programs
  • Ad hoc meetings in your program teaching areas
  • Performance evaluations conducted part way through summer to address individual accomplishments and areas for growth
  • Chats with Meg & Peter and the camp's five Program Directors whenever needed to address counseling and teaching challenges as they develop.
  • Prior to our two week staff orientation, many staff receive training and credentials in Red
  • Cross Lifeguard Training, Maine Trip Leader, and at the horse area and ropes course. Please ask us about these opportunities.

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Staff Week Highlights

  • Meet new people from around the world
  • Learn about your campers
  • Acquire a new skill or craft
  • Spend a day at the ropes course
  • Contribute in counseling workshops
  • Enjoy an old-fashioned Contra Dance!
  • Watch (or be in!) the Staff Talent Show

What HVC Staff Say

Of even greater importance is the high level of contentment and confidence I observe in the campers each summer- it gives me such satisfaction to see the growth of individual campers - including my own children. They really feel safe to take risks and push themselves in new directions.
- HVC Parent and Teacher

Thank you for being so supportive, sensitive and caring to the staff as well as the campers... I have personally grown this summer and this would never have happened were it not for the two of you... Peter - I shake my head in amazement watching you jump from meeting to meeting and still take the time to really be there for everyone on a personal level... Meg - thanks for being the universal "Mom" for campers and staff...with such compassion, fairness and true wisdom. - HVC Staff