You CAN Go Home Again!

We know many people continue to hold HVC in their hearts, and so it’s time once again to create another instant community, share memories and celebrate a time that remains essential to so many of us. Hope to see you at HVC! ~ Peter and Meg

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What Will We be Doing?

Enjoy the outdoors... Float in Ledge Pond, go for a canoe ride or zip down the waterslide… Visit the log cabin or other favorite places...

HVC Nights... Friday's will feature an old-fashioned contra dance... And think about something to share at Saturday's Pine Grove.

Other activities reminiscent of your time at camp might include: trail hikes, tie-dye, biking, music and art, a game of Ultimate and more...

View slides and videos, share photos and leaf through old yearbooks.

Come early... You might choose to enjoy the Common Ground Fair, being held nearby that weekend. See below for details.

Most importantly, the reunion provides a time to “hang out,” renew old friendships and create new ones across the many years of HVC’s time as a home-away-from-home.

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Who’s Coming?

Hidden Valley Alumni from any year who are 21 or older. Expect to see people from the 1970's and 1980’s when Jay Stager directed the camp as well as staff and campers from Peter and Meg Kassen’s early years along with many recent alumni staff.

Children are welcome! Basic arts and outdoor programs will be available for young people. Children 7 and under must be supervised by a parent.

Here's a partial list of attendees:  Let's wait a couple years, OK? In the meantime, mark your calendars!

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Registration and Payment

• $260.00 per adult ($200.00 before 12/31/22)
• $190.00 per child ($150.00 before 12/31/22)
• $800.00 maximum per family
• $95.00 per person – Day rate for Mainers on Saturday. Come for breakfast at 8 AM and stay ‘till the Pine Grove fire has dimmed.
• $75.00 per person - Arrive one day early (Sept. 21st; see below)
• Children under 2 attend free.

Cancellation Policy: 50% of fees refundable prior to May 1st, 2023. After May 1st, no refunds provided.

Come 1 Day Early - Enjoy the Common Ground Fair

Arrive on Thursday, September 21st and join friends for an unstructured evening and day on Friday. We’ll serve basic meals Thursday night and during the day Friday.

Spend the day Friday at the nearby Common Ground Country Fair, home to amazing organic food (read a NY Times review) and “a grand celebration for spinners and weavers; woodworkers and jewelry-makers; drovers of oxen, horses and mules; and sheep herders and their dogs. Not to mention solar and wind power gurus, seed savers and worm-keepers, poets and fiddlers.”

Learn more at the Fair's Website.

Extra cost for early arrival is $75.00 per person; you’ll receive a one-day ticket to Common Ground on us.

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2014 Reunion Attendees...

alumni reunion

(Great photo of the 2019 crew is on the way.)


  • September 21-24, 2023, Our 75th Anniversary!
  • Open to all HVC Alumni 21 years or older, their partners and children
  • Pricing and Registration – See below

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Video of the '14 Alumni Reunion
(2019 Video is on its way. Stay tuned!)


Reflections - Amazing 2014 Reunion 
(Stay tuned for 2019 quotes.)

"You went all out with your hospitality and efforts to create camp for all of us."

"I don't know where to begin! I found myself talking to anyone who would listen about my weekend at HVC. I have to say the biggest thing I noticed was that while I was at the reunion I felt no stress, pressure, etc. Everything was so comfortable, relaxed, fun, exciting."

"The reunion was a revelation to me... Walking in on a younger version of myself was really neat."

"The knowledge that generations of children continue to love Hidden Valley and be loved there is a source of comfort and celebration for me, and I think for all of us."

A Note about Food and Housing

HVC will serve ample healthy meals (arrival day dinner through Sunday lunch) including a vegetarian alternative. If you or family members have food allergies or a gluten-free diet, you are encouraged to purchase and bring to camp your chosen alternative food items.

You will be staying in camper cabins; camp will provide basic bedding. There will be a few people per cabin. When you register, you can make requests to share a cabin with other alums. Groups of families, couples and singles will be housed separately.

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Reflections on HVC

"My time at HVC continues to inspire my ability to relate to individuals from around the globe."
- HVC Alum

"At times in my memory I still climb the hill overlooking the camp and stare out at the beauty of the land."
- HVC Alum

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  • No smoking at HVC, including e-cigs.
  • No drugs (including marijuana) on camp property.
  • Cell phones can only be used for conversation in designated central areas. Use as a camera OK.

Packing Tips

As you prepare, please keep in mind:

  • Weather will be a bit cooler than at the height of summer. Bring layers that include a fleece, sweaters, etc.
  • HVC will provide basic bedding (sheets, blankets, pillows and 1 towel.) Bring additional as desired.
  • Fun: water gear, off-road bikes, tennis racket, old photos, etc.
  • Be a good camper! Remember your hat, rain gear, warm socks and a flashlight!


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