Parental Acknowledgment

Dear Potential AWACs and Parents,

Making the transition from camper life to other summer programs is both a challenge and a great opportunity. If you have not done so already, please - as a family - review AWAC program details, the commitment that acceptance to the program requires, and the potential for disappointment should the applicant not be selected. Take time to do this before completing the application. AWAC applications will not be considered without the completion of this form.

AWAC applicants should feel free to contact us if there are additional questions. Please also feel free to contact us about any of our other teen opportunities.

Thank you for your time and attention to this important aspect of the application process.


Signature of understanding and permission

  • Signatures denote understanding and acceptance of Hidden Valley Camp practices and the AWAC application process.
  • Adults and applicants understand that the limited number of places means that some candidates who were successful campers will not be accepted.
  • Parents provide permission for Hidden Valley to work solely with applicants in AWAC selection process


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