Driving to HVC

When bringing your child to HVC on the first day of camp, please plan to arrive between 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. This will give you time to get your camper settled, take a look around and join us for lunch. Summer 2021: We will likely create a more structured schedule with assigned times for parent/camper arrival.

Planning your trip: Visit our vacation guide for places to stay, great eats, Maine sights, etc.

Picking up Campers at Session's End

Most children depart on Thursday July 22 or August 19. Please arrive between 8 and 10 AM, as children are excited to commence their next adventure. If you must come here later, please note that at 12 noon all staff, Kassens, etc will take an afternoon break.

For 2-week "intro" campers departing 7/8 or 8/5, please arrive between 10 and 11.30 AM.

Once you arrive, please take time to have your camper show you around camp. There will be coffee available, etc.

Driving to Camp

HVC Address

Please keep this in mind as you navigate to HVC


Confirm Your Travel

Please inform us of your driving plans on the Transportation Form via your Online Camp Account.

Please do this by March 1st.

First Day Arrival

Camper arrival
When a camper is arriving on the first day of his-her stay here, upon arrival: Drive right into camp where greeters will meet you near the red camp office on the left side of the road.

...What a wonderful feeling it was to drive away from camp knowing our children are in Paradise... The cuisine was scrumptious and your warmth and friendliness were super. Our children made a great choice!
- HVC Parent

Family Drop Off

Mid-session Visits

For visits mid-session, upon arrival: Please park in the parking lots and walk a short distance down the road to our red office on the left. Please click here to plan your visit.

...Thanks for a splendid visit and letting us wander the place and share in what our daughter calls her camp!
- HVC Parent