Summer Forms for Staff

Even in a fun job like summer camp, there's paperwork to be completed to fulfill employment obligations. Please take some time to review the lists below and complete your pre-camp forms via your an Online Camp Account. If you have questions, please contact Meg or Peter Kassen.

Forms to complete now...

1. These can be accomplished right away through your Online Camp Account, going to "Forms & Documents."
• Voluntary Disclosure Form (All staff must submit.)
• Internet Policy Form (All staff must submit.)

2. Medical Forms:
Please do this first one via your Online Camp Account, going to "Forms and Documents."

• Health History can be completed right away.

These next forms will appear in your Online Camp Account as PDF's to be uploaded back to your account or mailed to us after completion:

PhysiciansExamination.PDF completed by physician. Note: Make sure to schedule a doctor's appt. if needed.​
• StaffImmunizationForm.PDF if not completed as part of the Health History form.

Note to international staff: Some of you will have provided this information via your organization. Please make sure we have everything including Immunization Form.

Choose one way to return these forms:

  1. Upload to your Online Camp Account
  2. Email to [email protected]
  3. Mail to: Staff Forms/HVC, 161 Hidden Valley Rd., Freedom, ME 04941

Learn more about camp health issues to the right and here.

Please bring to camp with you...

...Proper ID required by U.S. immigration laws. U.S. employers are required to examine all employees' citizenship or work/visa documents. You must bring to camp (so you don't have to scramble to have sent to you from home)...

…1 document from this list:
• United States Passport
• Certificate of U.S. Citizenship
• Alien Registration (Green) Card
• Foreign Passport with attached Employment Authorization (Applies to international staff only; your host organization has arranged for the appropriate J-1 visa.)

...An original or certified copy of birth certificate PLUS 1 item from this list:
• State-issued driver's license
• State-issued ID with photo
• School ID with photo
• Voter registration card
• Original Social Security Card (Reproduction not permitted)
• Certification of birth abroad issued by the State Department