How We Work With Parents

Summer at camp is an adventure and a growth opportunity for campers. And we know it’s a big deal for parents as well. So, we work closely with families to assure that everyone is comfortable, both before and during the season at camp.

We are in Maine year round supported by responsive office staff. During the summer, a full health and wellness program and conscientious counselors and instructors form a team of professional adults working to assure a successful experience for all.

I can't even express how grateful we were for the amazing support that Meg gave our daughter.
- HVC Parent.

This Winter and Spring

As you know it was a rather huge milestone for me to send my kids to summer sleep away camp. Peter, I so appreciated the time you gave me as I was mulling over the decision, had numerous questions regarding everything from safety to food. Your nature spoke volumes and I was so at peace with my decision that Hidden Valley would be the perfect place for my children.
- HVC Parent

Prior to the summer we are continually in touch with you via email and snail mail. Questions about summer prep logistics are answered right here as well. And preparing for camp helps first time campers and their parents recognize those personal resources that support a successful adjustment to camp.

If you have any health or diet concerns, we can put you in touch with camp's RN's and Food Service staff. Our Health Service has handled most pediatric conditions, administered a range of medications and can work with your physicians as needed. Camp's cooks have joined us for almost 30 years, attending to children with allergies to nuts, gluten and more, and creating a delicious menu for all of us!


During the Summer

Have a Question? Parents can contact us anytime. We are fortunate to have a tremendously helpful office staff who can answer many questions and help you reach us if we are busy with camper activities away from the office.

Communication with counselors during the camp session is supported as well. New families will hear from counselors prior to camper arrival. And all families will hear from staff during the first week of camp and mid-session as well.

For many first-time families, the weeks at camp represent a big step for everybody. Meg and Peter have helped families with this transition since 1988. We look forward to sharing in the excitement as your child readies him- or herself for this wonderful adventure.

We are impressed by your open-mindedness, professionalism and diligent follow through.
- HVC Parent

Curious about camp life?

Don't forget to check our daily news reports from HVC where you'll receive news about special events, your camper's cabin activities, and more.

By the way, I love reading the daily news on your website and after reading about all of the activities, I can see why Alanna wants to stay longer - I'd like to be a camper there!
- HVC Parent.

Does your camper have their heart set on a particular activity...Please email us and let us know. Parents may also have requests and we have historically helped campers balance areas of interest with parental requests, mindful that children want to take ownership of the camp experience and yet may need a bit of guidance.

close up selfie

First day of camp...The trip to Maine to have a few fun days in my favorite part of the country and then drop the kids off for their amazing camp adventure could not have worked out more smoothly. The food was amazing and the kitchen staff top notch as they chatted with my children and made them feel at home. The welcome at the health lodge to drop off the meds was the same.
- HVC Parent

friends hugging

During the summer session... The precious letters home from my kids were like manna from heaven - both making new friends, everyday experiencing new things, and of course- simply enjoying being in Maine was expressed in every letter. BUT I cherished and lived for those phone calls from your fabulous staff. I would let them talk, then ask a few questions, and listen to how these young people knew my kids, appreciated them for their contributions to the group, nurtured their weaknesses and I knew they were in such a loving environment. What more can a mother ask?
- HVC Parent