Getting Ready for Camp

In addition to packing all your “stuff” for camp, please bring the following: An open mind, creativity, willingness to try new things. Read on for more info as you think about your time at HVC...

What to Pack?

  • Come to Maine prepared for lovely summer weather and keep the following in mind...
  • HVC HAS NO UNIFORMS so bring casual clothes that are good for an active, creative time at camp.
  • LAYERS help, as the early mornings and nighttime may be cool.
  • HELPFUL ITEMS include a daypack to carry your bathing suit, towel, riding boots, etc.; stationery, stamps and pre-addressed envelopes; a water bottle; sunscreen; and a “crazy creek” chair. We give everyone an HVC T-shirt. You can find fun HVC “stuff” at Planet Meg, the greatest camp store in the galaxy.
  • DO NOT BRING llamas (we have plenty already), curling irons or cosmetics, personal electronics (Look here for an understanding of our policy on ipods, phones, etc.)
  • PLEASE DO BRING if you want to: Books (no kindles) musical instruments, costumes, games to play at rest period.
  • A full packing list can be found here.

News Reports from HVC

You’re going to be having a blast this summer! Worried that your folks won’t know what to do without you? Tell them to read our News Reports from HVC every day this summer. Our correspondents will upload information about your cabin activities, menus, weather. We might even give the people at home a hint about when the Candy Drop is happening.

It is a mystery why adults expect perfection from children. Few grown-ups can get through a whole day without making a mistake. - Marcelene Cox

Countdown to Camp



2024 Guest Performers

Kim + Reggie Harris - 6/28 and 8/2
Half Moon Jug Band -7/2 and 7/26
Peter Boie - TBA
Jesse Ruben - 7/30

Kim and Reggie playing at camp meeting
Consummate musicians and storytellers Kim and Reggie Harris!

Campers helping out the Half Moon Jug Band

The amazing illusions of Peter Boie!

Select a book at our book fair!

Impromptu Magic tournament