Why Work at HVC?

Make an impact on children’s lives, enjoy Maine's outdoors, and embrace the challenges of working and living in a community of talented children and adults. For years, HVC staff have expressed themselves like this... I feel like I grew as a teacher and counselor. I think that my skills in counseling grew tremendously as a result of working with young people.

Why Work at Summer Camp?

A better question would be, “Why not?” If you enjoy being with children and being outdoors, there is no better job!

PAID INTERNSHIPS AVAILABLE in many relevant fields. Please contact us to discuss.

PERSONAL BENEFITS  (See career benefits below.)

  • Inspire young people and teach them new skills
  • Make a difference in children's lives
  • Explore the woods, ocean and small villages of midcoast Maine
  • Be yourself with other like-minded people from around the world
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  • Teaching your specialty
  • Leadership — in small and large groups
  • Teamwork and team building
  • Communication
  • Dispute resolution and behavior management
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Time management and multitasking
  • Understanding learning styles

What does a summer at camp prepare you for?

Almost anything! The skills that you utilize and develop at camp are important in any work setting. Many HVC counselors have gone on to significant roles in the camping industry. Others have used their camp credentials and talents to develop careers in: Teaching/Education, Counseling and Psyche, Human Resources, Public Relations and Marketing, OT and PT and management positions in hospitals, Silicon Valley and elsewhere.

Professionally, employers are always looking for the skills and experience inherent in camp jobs: Instructing, leading, empathizing, working in groups, analyzing and solving problems, decision making, multitasking, and inspiring others! These sorts of opportunities for skill development are invaluable in many fields.

There are also many personal benefits to working at Hidden Valley. You'll gain experience working with children and putting other's needs ahead of your own. You'll come to appreciate many aspects of group life. Beyond this, camps such as HVC push you to develop leadership skills, taking responsibility for a range of challenging new situations, making decisions on your own and in many group settings.

What HVC Staff Say

I became better at taking charge of solving problems and looking to myself for answers rather than relying on other people.
- HVC Staff

I personally gained a tremendous amount of confidence because of my two summers at Hidden Valley.
- HVC Staff

I definitely gained perspective on what it means to be an 11-year-old-boy! But, in a broader sense, camp allowed me to connect with diverse campers and staff. The job wasn't (and shouldn't be) always easy, but I learned a lot from those I came into contact with.
- HVC Staff

Important Info

You can complete the full application below -OR- send us your resume and tell us "Why I want to work at HVC."
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Benefits of Work at HVC

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Staff Training

Important Basics

Summer Schedule: (see dates)

Typical Day:

  • Wakeup, bedtime and meals with your cabin group
  • Teaching 4 classes daily
  • Camp-wide special events

Time Off:

  • 1-2 hours daily
  • Every other night from dinner until the next morning
  • One 36-hour period weekly

See more info at our HVC FAQ

After you Apply...

Within 10 days of receiving your application we'll be in touch to tell you if we have openings for someone with your skills. At that point, we'll send an email to set up a time for a phone interview.

When completing your application, please make sure that you include the names of two people who can give references for you (a teacher, employer or supervisor, not a friend, roommate or family member.)

Staff Seen at HVC