Help Us Maintain Diversity at HVC

You'll impact children’s lives and make Hidden Valley an even more inclusive place when you donate to HVC’s Level Ground Scholarship Fund. (Scroll down to read more about the real benefits of diverse populations such as HVC's.)

Your gift is tax deductible as Level Ground works in partnership with the American Camp Association (ACA), a charitable 501(c)(3) organization that supports all facets of the U.S. camping tradition.  

What to Do

To donate by mail, please make a check payable to “ACA f.b.o. Hidden Valley Camp Maine” for any amount you’d like to give, and mail it to us at our summer office at the address below.

Mail to:

HVC Level Ground Scholarship Fund
161 Hidden Valley Road
Freedom, ME 04941

Donation Check Example

To use a credit card online, connect to the American Camp Association’s donation form.

Special gifts from HVC will be sent to Leadership Gift-givers:
• Alpaca Leaders: $100 - $499
• Llama Leaders: $500 - $999
• Ledge Pond Leaders: $1,000 - $4,999
• Log Cabin Leaders: $5,000 or more  

Why "diversity"?

Because friendships across economic lines make a difference.

Because we all benefit from cross-racial friendships.

Because the world needs places like HVC!

Who Benefits?

Hidden Valley nourishes a diverse camper population by including those children who would not ordinarily attend summer camp:

• Children of color from east coast cities.
• Students in Waldo County, Maine (our home area.)
• Immigrant and refugee families, recent arrivals in the U.S., Portland specifically.

Level Ground

Did you know the origin of the English word “camp”? Here it is….

“Early 16th century: from French camp, champ, from Italian campo, from Latin campus ‘level ground’, specifically applied to the Campus Martius in Rome, used for games, athletic practice, and military drill.”

Meg's etymological research is cited here (5:26-8:06) along with importance of this inclusive ideal. HVC’s Level Ground Fund helps us maintain our roots and makes HVC and the camping movement more inclusive and that much richer in the process.

boys walking