Packing for Camp

Note that we do laundry every 8-9 days and please read this whole page.

  • Assorted shirts (long and short sleeve)
  • 1 blank white t-shirt for possible fabric painting, tie dye, etc.
  • 9-plus sets of underwear & socks
  • 4 shorts and 4 pants
  • 2-3 bathing suits
  • 1 pair of solid shoes/hiking boots
  • 2 pair sneakers or 1 sneakers and 1 "tevas"
  • Waterproof raincoat, hat and rain boots
  • 2 pairs of pajamas (warm and lightweight)
  • 2 sweatshirts
  • Warm jacket /sweater
  • 4 towels & 2 washcloths**
  • 4 sheets for cot mattresses 30" x 72" (twin/single sheets are fine)
  • 2 pillowcases (we have pillows; you may also bring your own!)**
  • Sleeping bag (that unzips to a quilt) or blankets (one heavy, one light weight)**                    These must be washable.
  • Laundry bag labeled with camper name in big print
  • Toiletries (soap, toothpaste/brush, shampoo, etc. and optional: a "shower caddy.")
  • 25 surgical masks  (Current conditions will help us determine masking policies. We will minimize this practice as much as possible. We will NOT mask in our sleeping/living cabins.)
  • Water bottle
  • Flashlight or headlamp, and extra batteries
  • Insect repellent (note that camping experts recommend 15% Deet to repel ticks)
  • Sunblock
  • Stationery, stamps, postcards, pens; books and games
  • Day pack/knapsack to carry towels, dance outfits, riding clothes, etc. during the day

** International families do not have to send their children with towels, bedsheets, blankets, or pillows. Camp will provide upon arrival.

HV Adventures Packing List found here.

Additional Packing Advice

Suggested: Stuffed animals; photos of family or pets; musical instruments; camera; games, books and/or crafts for rest period.

Horseback riders: Bring 1 or 2 extra pair of pants to get dirty, and 1 pair of hard-soled boots with heel (these can double as rain boots or hiking boots). We provide helmets, or you may bring your own.

Helpful and cool HVC "stuff" can be found at Planet Meg, the greatest camp store in the galaxy! See right column. 


We do laundry every 8-9 days, so pack 10 days of clothing in case your camper joins a river hike or “Gross Day” activity.

Label all items please: Oliver's Clothing Labels can be accessed via your Online Camp Account. Go to Forms & Documents and scroll to "Your Camper."

Optional: (Camp has all of these items available as well.) Fishing gear, costumes for theatre activities, tennis racket, skateboard, tap shoes, guitar, baseball glove, dance music.

Personal equipment possession / use / storage: Camp provides equipment needed for any scheduled programs (sports equipment, arts, guitars, etc.) You may choose to bring your own tennis rackets, musical instruments, etc. We can hold on to valuables (musical instruments, etc.) in the office... All potentially dangerous sports equipment or knives will be stored and used under staff supervision.

Bedding notes... We provide a mattress and pillow. Please send two changes of linens, blankets and/or a sleeping bag (details above)... You can send a child with their own pillow and stuffed animals if you like... DO NOT INCLUDE scented mattress covers; these cause allergic reactions and will be thrown out.

Please do not bring over-the-counter meds (we stock these), cosmetic "make-up", curling irons, jewelry of any value, bikes, pets, weapons, fireworks, gum, or food of any kind unless part of a special diet.

Electronics are for the bus ride only and then will be stored for the session in our office. Please read the note about electronics to the right here and remember that HVC does not permit the possession of kindles, phones, etc. as these items are easily lost or damaged and remove children from group life at camp.

Lost Items: Camp is not responsible for lost items, so leave small, unneeded, or complex valuables (jewelry, kindles, etc.) at home! We do not issue refunds for "lost" items, and send "found" belongings home at families' expense. Please be prepared to have a few minor garments (T-shirts, towels, socks, etc.) not arrive back home after a busy active summer.


Luggage and Shipping

We prefer soft luggage over footlockers as it is easier to transport to HVC, move around camp and store here. It also takes up less room at home!

GREAT LUGGAGE PURCHASE OPTION - We recommend the Popup Soft Trunk at Everything Summer Camp. Find other camper needs there as well. Use our camp code: trail289HV.

Overall, it's best if luggage accompanies children by car, bus, or plane.

To camp: If you choose to ship luggage ahead, we will make sure it is placed in your camper’s cabin. You make all shipping arrangements and pre-payments via UPS, Fedex or similar service. Our address: Camper Name - Hidden Valley Camp - 161 Hidden Valley Rd. - Freedom, ME 04941

To home: If you use a shipper, you must make all pickup arrangements and payments ahead of time. Contact us to discuss.


Lola and Henry arrived home last night and notwithstanding their lengthy journey home were literally bubbling over with pure joy describing their month at Hidden Valley. From new friends to llamas to the Lion King, to Wheel of Misfortune, and the many wonderful art activities they both participated in, they were effusive in their descriptions and in their pleasure sharing experiences with us.
- HVC Parent

Helpful Info

Please note the following guidelines in preparing your child's belongings for camp:

  • HVC is an informal environment - "the less the better" and no fancy dress clothes are needed.
  • Trunks? Duffels? Suitcases? We prefer soft luggage over footlockers as they are easier to transport to HVC, move around camp and store here.
  • See below left for luggage and shipping tips.
  • To assist laundry staff, please label all items with camper's name.
  • Do not send unnecessary valuable items or anything of sentimental value. Camp is only responsible for lost items if stored in the office. Please note "do not bring..." list below left.

Older camper


Important Questions

  • Does your child take medication? If so, make sure it is given to a counselor immediately. All medication - even vitamins - must be stored in the HVC Health Lodge where it is available before/after meals, at bed-time or as needed.
  • Does your child wear eye-glasses? If this is the case, please pack a second pair just in case.
  • Does your child wear an orthodontic retainer? Please talk to him/her now about caring for it as part of the camp routine and not losing it. Our "dumpster divers" thank you in advance!


Planet Meg

Want some camp swag? Orbit to Planet Meg, Hidden Valley’s virtual “camp store.” It features loads of fun HVC items, none of which is a necessity, though a water bottle and "crazy creek" are recommended. Note: We give each camper an HVC T-shirt during the summer season.planet meg


"Electronics" at HVC

No ipods, phones, gameboys, etc. Camp is busy, engaging and filled with the group activities that encourage a thriving children’s community. Campers’ involvement with their groups is not supported by use of these items which are strictly forbidden in camp.

When campers want "alone time" at rest period, etc., they are encouraged to read, draw, play games, etc. Please pack accordingly.

Please send books. Kindles cannot be accommodated because of limited electrical outlets and the risk of loss or damage.

Prep for "no screen time": Take a look at tips for time at camp with no electronics.

Take a minute to read HVC's "no devices" philosophy if you like.

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