Food and Dining at Hidden Valley

HVC ’s menu provides lots of choices, homemade recipes, whole grain breads, free-range eggs, and fresh produce throughout the day. We minimize sugar and rarely use canned food in our healthy, tasty meals. Balanced veggie offerings and basics for “picky eaters” round out the menu. And of course there are plenty of “seconds”.

Campers choose from a variety of options, supervised by their counselors. Children eat with their cabin groups in our warm spacious dining hall or outside for a sunny picnic-style lunch with the whole camp.

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Afternoon snack features popcorn, granola bars, juices and natural sodas daily.

Special diets & food allergies can be accommodated easily. Please call to discuss your particular needs. HVC is "peanut butter free" and we love our sun butter! (We do include nuts in some specialty offerings.)

My child came home raving about the food and has spent the past few weeks making endless suggestions from your amazingly varied menu. Thanks a lot!
- HVC Parent

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I've never tasted better pizza, even in NYC
- HVC Camper

If we had to send a curious 10-year old gourmand to camp, this would be the one.... The food is among the best in camping.
- Boston Magazine

How HVC provides healthy, sustainable meals


  • Whenever possible, we access local produce
  • Maine’s dairies do not use hormones or antibiotics in their milk products
  • Whole grain and vegetarian options
  • No white bread at HVC
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables at all meals
  • Lots of choices
  • HVC uses only local free-range eggs

lobster banquet

Each camp session concludes with a Maine lobster banquet (with delicious alternatives available.)

What's on the Menu?

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I have seen almost every camp kitchen in Maine and this one is the nicest. It's innovative and shows how much you think of the children here. I'm so impressed.
- Dining Hall Provider

International Offerings

korean food

Our menu includes food from all over the world. The leader of a group of visiting Korean campers made a full Korean meal for us last summer.