Life at Hidden Valley

All counselors live in a cabin with 2-3 other counselors and 10-15 campers. Cabin life focuses on creating a community with a diverse group of campers, fostering individual growth, and maintaining a supportive and enlivening cabin "family." Counselors also teach 4 periods each day in a variety of program areas. Details of program areas and responsibilities are available by reviewing all of the specific job opportunities at Hidden Valley.

At Hidden Valley, training and supporting staff are critical elements to our success. Find out more about how we train our staff here.

HVC is an amazing place for both children and adults to spend their summer...You helped me feel comfortable, supported and welcome.
- Staff Member

Here’s a taste of what a summer at HVC will be like for you...


Viewing your dance class on stage
Baking a souffle with your group
Hanging a child's first glass piece
Seeing a camper score a goal
Guiding a camper's first dive
Sending the literary e-zine to press
Greeting a camper at the climbing wall
Peeking from backstage at the musical
Llama trekking to a picnic
Mentoring a counselor-in-training
Watching your rock band perform
Teaching a child to throw a mug
Handing a newborn duckling to a child
Helping a child explore and have fun

Cabin Life

Hiking Tom's Trail with your cabin
Enjoying a pizza dinner outside
The Candy Drop
Wearing silly costumes as a group
Making a dunking booth for Fair Day
Sunset at the Frye Mountain
Helping a homesick camper
Water balloon fight!
Blueberry pancakes on a cool August day
Lobster Banquet
Running around at twilight to get tired
Bedtime stories
Harmonizing with your cabin at Pinegrove
Eating s’mores on Cabin Night

Staff Training

Challenging yourself
Doing the Zip Line on the Ropes Course
Working with seasoned and new counselors
Discussing counselor techniques
Hanging out in the shade of the Grape Arbor
Practice teaching
Contra dance!
Training with staff in your program area
Role playing a homesick camper
Picnic by the ocean
Sharing your summer goals
Planning for the first day and night

Off Time

Sunset views at Ledge Mountain
Canoeing at sunrise
Campfires at Knight's Pond
An evening swim on your off night
Road trip to LL Bean
Sundaes at the Superscoop
Climbing Mount Katahdin
Evenings in the stained glass studio
Moose sightings
Road trip to Acadia Nat’l Park
Browsing in second hand shops
Making friends from all over the world

"Be yourself, Everyone else is taken."
~ Oscar Wilde

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