Hidden Valley Apprentices

A 4-Week Summer Program

Hidden Valley’s 15 to 17 year old Apprentices devote a month at HVC to an in-depth commitment in one of the camp’s major program areas. Our expectation is that, having spent time here as a camper, an apprentice will have gained some familiarity with one of HVC’s many outdoor or arts programs and spend their time learning more and teaching others. In this program, Apprentices develop their independence creatively and productively as a contributing member of the camp community.

group of boys
Left - An apprentice and his special project, an electric guitar made at camp.

In each of the many camp areas available, Apprentices learn from professional camp staff, arts instructors, etc. Additionally, each Apprentice works on a special, independent project during the day, an art installation or planning a camp event, for example.

Apprentices live with two adult staff who oversee the program in a group-living environment where everyone can try their hand at cooking, organizing game nights and activities, and personalizing their individual and shared space. Counselors lead daily discussions with Apprentices, addressing teaching and learning issues and the struggles and rewards involved in the independent projects. The group also explores interesting corners of our rural area, attending local concerts and other events, and visiting local enterprises, such as organic farms and art galleries.

What you might do...

Here’s a look at how previous years’ apprentices have created dynamic programs at Hidden Valley...

  • A Sports Apprentice helped organize a local road race.
  • A Glass Arts Apprentice taught in our glass studios.
  • An Equestrian Apprentice made contribution is horse lessons, stable management, etc.

To Apply...

Apprentice candidates must have spent at least one summer at HVC and are encouraged to send us a proposal outlining which camp programs they feel qualified to assist in and how they might make a contribution.

apprentice girl horse