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Peter - I shake my head in amazement watching you jump from meeting to meeting and still take the time to really be there for everyone on a personal level...
Meg - thanks for being the universal "Mom" for campers and staff...with such compassion, fairness and true wisdom.
- HVC Counselor

Meg, thanks for showing me that one person’s love and warmth can inspire so many.
- HVC Counselor

Peter, thanks for being a friend, mentor and role model.
- HVC Counselor

Watch video now!

We encourage you to watch our video, and visit our YouTube channel for a glimpse of camp life in action.

Meet us!

Phone call or facetime. One of us is in the camp office most weekday mornings. We can set up evening chat times as well.
Zoom "slide shows" are scheduled for Oct. 13 & 27 at 7 PM EDT. Contact us for details.
Gatherings in NYC and Boston - These will resume when recommended.
Looking forward to speaking - Meg & Peter

Our contact info...

We live in Maine and look forward to speaking with camp families.

Phone: 800-922-6737 • From Overseas: 207-342-5177
Fax: 207-342-5685
Mail: 161 Hidden Valley Road • Freedom, Maine 04941
[email protected]