Pre-Camp Forms

Once you have enrolled your child, you'll be asked to complete forms - via a personal Online Camp Account - in anticipation of your camper’s time at Hidden Valley. This includes the following:

Forms to be completed online by March 1st:

Please do this via your Online Camp Account, going to "Forms and Documents."

• ​Optional Charges allows you to pay for riding and intersession plans.
Note: Those of you who have children staying between the two 4-week sessions can learn more here; PDF

​Transportation Form confirms actual travel plans. Learn more about your travel options.

Medical forms to be completed by May 1st:

Please do this first one via your Online Camp Account, going to "Forms and Documents."

​Health History to be completed by parent/guardian online.

These next forms will appear in your Online Camp Account as PDF's to be uploaded back to your account or mailed to us after completion:
Physician's Exam, PDF completed by physician. Note: Make sure to schedule a doctor's appt. if needed.​
Immunization Form, PDF to be provided by parent/guardian or physician, if not completed as part of the Health History form.
Medical Insurance Authorization, PDF provided by parent/guardian.
• ​If your child carries an epi-pen or inhaler, please complete the
Self Administered Inhaler/Epi-Pen Release Form, PDF. Pediatrician must also sign.

Learn more about camp health issues to the right and here.

Other forms to be completed online by May 1st​:

"Optional" via your Online Camp Account, going to "Forms and Documents," or "required for teens" via PDF link below.

Optional Visitation Form for those of you visiting your camper or to provide permission for a relative to visit a camper. Learn more about visiting camp.

Optional ​Activity & Swim Request if you want your child registered for a particular activity. Note: We do not require swim lessons, rather encouraging families to register if a child needs to gain proficiency in the water.

Required for members of HV Teen programs: These participants and a parent/guardian must each sign and return (upload or mail) a Camper/Director Contract. Not for "regular" campers.


FAQ About Medical Forms

Can I have my pediatrician fill out the medical form based on a prior exam?
Yes, if that exam has taken place within a year of camp attendance.

Do I have to include info about inoculations?
Yes, please make sure that you or your pediatrician provides this form. All campers must be up-to-date on covid vaccines, including boosters.

What about medical insurance?
You'll be prompted to provide these details when you are completing or uploading other medical forms.

What if my child takes medication at camp?
Please make sure that you read all info here about meds, both prescription and OTC. All non-liquid medication must be pre-packaged.

Take a look at full camp health info as you prepare for summer.