Use your imagination! Document life at HVC through black & white photography, video production and journalism. Blend fact and fiction in creative writing workshops.

Video production writing

Photographs, articles and videos are published in camp and online after the summer.


Our recording studio enables singers, musicians and budding comedians to capture and produce their creative work. DVDs are sent to every camper at home in the fall.

effects recording music

Program Options

  • Creative Writing
  • 35MM Photography
  • Video Production
  • Darkroom Photography
  • Sign Language
  • Camp Newspaper
  • Literary Zine

What People Say

"HVC influenced my life greatly. I started everything there. I had my first photography class there, and I have continued with Photography through all my schooling and into my professional life (now I am working in the film and video industry)."
- Former HVC Camper

"I was particularly thrilled when she showed me the negatives from her photography workshop--I had braced myself for digital cameras and some computer chop shop. She said, "But Mom, of course we used film--there's no technology at camp." Better sounding words are hard to find these days. What a reaffirmation of everything I knew about your camp!"
- HVC Parent

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