For Parents

Dear Prospective and Enrolled Families,

Our ongoing partnership with families means a great deal to us and you can read more about how we all work together to support children before and during their time at HVC.

It's our hope that — in addition to enjoying fine creative and outdoor activities — HVC campers will develop independence and a greater capacity to live happily and work constructively with others. This occurs in an unpressured setting where values of peace and understanding, responsibility and universal acceptance are a conscious part of daily life.

So, here's to summer! Resources below will help you understand more about your child's time with us. If there is anything we can do to help you in this regard, please email us.


I feel very comfortable with the way Peter and Meg handle everything. At Hidden Valley you are putting your child into safe hands.
- HVC Parent

During the summer, you can easily check in to see how your child is doing.
- HVC Parent

Summer Camp Advice and Important Info


Dates and Fees - Basic information for the coming summer.
Enroll for this Summer - Register your child for his or her time at camp.
Make a Payment Online - We accept checks as well.


Preparing First-time Campers - Helpful tips as children get into the "camp state of mind."
Meet the HVC Staff - Peter and Meg, winter staff, counselors and instructors.
HVC and Covid Readiness - Read all about our planning for 2021.
Homesickness - A rare affliction, but one worth thinking about.
Cabin Life - A look at campers' home-away-from-home.


Essential Info - The complete "Parent Handbook" for those of you preparing for camp.
Packing List - The essentials, a few suggestions, and what not to bring to HVC.
Pre-camp Paperwork - Download, complete and keep our office staff happy.
Communication With Camp - Staying in touch with Meg & Peter and your camper.
Medical Preparation - These requirements include medical forms, your insurance, prescription prep, etc.

Transportation - Choices as you plan your child's travel to Maine.
Visiting Policies and Planning - A primer for visiting your camper this summer.
Peter & Meg's Vacation Guide - Tips on where to eat, sleep and visit in Maine.

I am so grateful that James has such a wonderful opportunity to grow and be himself. Thanks for taking care of him. And thanks for taking care of us!
- HVC Parent


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HVC Parents' Point of View


Staff and camper talking

Find out how we work with families, both prior to and during the camp season.

And I am acutely aware that the highlights of my week have been running to get the mail to see if there is a letter from James and reading the HVC News everyday and looking at the gallery shots. We miss him greatly and at the same time know that he is in absolutely the greatest place that he could ever be in right now. For that I thank you!
- HVC Parent

The camp and the counselors are very good about keeping parents apprised of what is happening. Campers are required to write home weekly –I treasure these letters I’ve received from my child – as well as daily website reports and phoned updates. Whenever I have a question it is easy to get an answer, with a full time office staff someone is always around to answer the phone.
- HVC Parent

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