HVC's Enduring and Resilient Community

In early May 2020, we recognized that the risks of opening camp this past summer were too great and informed families, staff and alums that it was wisest to postpone summer programs until 2021.

Now, we're gearing up for the real thing in 2021. As we get a better sense of public health in Maine (which has proven to be one of the most sanely governed and healthy U.S. states) and elsewhere, we will be in a position to make specific provisions for a safe summer at HVC. Messages will come to you regularly and please check this space as well. In the meantime we are actively preparing, reading CDC guidelines and speaking with medical personnel, etc..

A bit about what we do know based on our reading and conversations:

  • We're evaluating all activities, special events, and each part of the daily routine, so that all aspects of life here remain welcoming and safe. See details below in our Covid-FAQ.
  • Dining hall and health operations will see modifications.
  • Masks at times, distancing, and increased sanitization may likely be part of daily camp life.
  • Travel to and from camp may have to change.

Here’s what will remain consistent: Camper and parent enthusiasm for what HVC offers!
This independent, creative time at camp is needed now more than ever. Children succeed and grow at HVC because they are away from home and out of their comfort zone, because they make new friends and find new role models, because they make independent choices, find their voices, take pride in their new community, and are recognized and known as their true selves in a new safe creative loving space. This is the gift you have given your children and it also leaves us with hope for all of us and for a meaningful future here.

As ever,
Meg and Peter

Coronavirus FAQ

This space will be updated periodically.

Absolutely! Guided by CDC guidelines, the experiences of other camps and the wisdom of a committee of 20+ people in HVC’s orbit (physicians, camping experts, mental health professionals, etc.) we have been making plans since September for a successful season.

Following guidance and common sense, we expect to do the following and more:

  • Require pre-camp testing and/or quarantine and screening for all community members.
  • Articulate in-camp policies such as masks, social distancing, smaller groups, etc.
  • Increase the number of large covered outdoor spaces so that more activity – including many meals - can take place outside.
  • Minimize camp trips and staff out-of-camp off time.

All specific policies will be made known to families in the spring. Staff hiring and training will be another key to our success of course. And lastly, we have confidence in our campers, who have shown themselves to be resilient and committed to community health measures at home over these past months.

Here's full info. We are delighted with the perspectives and experience that will be brought to HVC by our nursing staff (3 in-house RN’s and commuters) in 2021.

Our initial review has determined that out-of-camp trips may be limited. And culinary arts classes may focus on outdoor cooking rather than traditional recipes. All other HVC instructional and recreational activities will proceed with proper precautions

First off, we'll be happy to respond to any and all concerns you express. Pre-camp, we will want adults to attend to all relevant details including packing list, medical prep etc. This may include an expectation that parents have children quarantine before camp so that you help us protect the camp community. We're all in this together and your support will be critical.

Helpful Links

Take a look at health planning as we anticipate Summer '21.

Read frequently asked questions

How to help children with their experience of loss. We've been speaking with professionals about this and have acquired some suggestions for you.

Please contact us with your thoughts and questions.

Online Programs - Winter 2020-21

We will continue to connect with children on Instagram youtube, and Facebook.  Off-season contact will include...

  • Weekly discussion of social issues
  • Occasional suggestions for outdoor and creative activities
  • Some HVC silliness of course!
I think the hardest thing about the pandemic for him was not getting to go to HVC. It's his favorite place in the world.
- HVC Parent