HVC's Enduring and Resilient Community

For three years we have all worked hard to protect our families and help children understand the limits that the pandemic has placed on us. A new change is upon us as restrictions are lifted and as we plan for another healthy productive summer at hidden Valley. Please read these details below.

HVC suspended its 2020 season, and for the next two summers we operated under significant set of protocols, The 2023 season - like much in our lives - felt "almost normal" and we expect the same going forward .Here's what remained deeply consistent: Camper and parent enthusiasm for what HVC has long offered! Children thrive at HVC because they are safely exploring outside their comfort zone, because they make new friends and find new role models, because they make independent choices, find their voices, take pride in their new community, and are recognized as their true selves in a creative loving space. This is the gift you have given your children and it fills us with excitement about a meaningful future at HVC.
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Meg and Peter

Coronavirus FAQ

Yes, we will count on you to play a part in supporting community health including testing and boosters (see below) and pre-camp interactions as noted here... 

  • We have many health measures in place, but cannot control pre-camp exposure. As such we are requiring, for a 10-day period, that you limit all lengthy indoor interactions outside of your household.
  • Your decisions affect an entire community:
    • You do not want to be the parent whose choices mean that your child misses camp.
    • You do not want to be the family that is responsible for an outbreak at camp.

WHAT ARE YOUR TESTING PROTOCOLS?  Read 2023 requirements below. 2024 protocols TBD.

  • Pre-camp, each child is required to receive a negative antigen test within 24 hours of arrival, please email a photo of the test results to [email protected]
  • If this test is positive, your camper must isolate outside of camp for 5 days and then return to camp.

PLEASE TELL ME YOUR VACCINE POLICY...  2023 requirements noted below. '24 protocols TBD.

  • HVC will require all campers to be vaccinated to the fullest extent possible. This includes boosters, so plan now!
  • If your camper has had covid 90 days OR LESS prior to camp the booster requirement is waived. Bring/send proof of infection along with proof of earlier vaccine.
  • If your camper has had covid 90 days OR MORE prior to camp, booster is required.

Covid concerns will be combined with long term attention paid to prevention of the spread of  colds, strep, coughs, etc

  • Cabin cleanliness
  • Hand-washing procedures before and after activities, meals, etc..
  • Appropriate medical attention and testing for strep, covid, etc.

Staff hiring and training will be another key to our success of course. And lastly, we have confidence in our campers, who have shown themselves to be resilient and committed to community health measures.

So are we... Masking will only occur indoors for close contacts of positive cases for a designated period of time.  In 2023 this occurred only once.

Much as with other contagious illnesses, a child will be separated and supervised. If covid is confirmed, going home to convalesce for a required period is one possibility, depending on symptoms, distance to home, etc. Parents must be ready to take a covid-infected child out of camp for a period of time dictated by health protocols.

Here's full info. We look forward to the perspective and experience that was brought to HVC by our three in-house RN’s and commuters in previous challenging summers. And the Health Lodge itself has a new entrance created to accept those with covid-like symptoms, separate from the bump-bruise-bug-bite crowd.


Helpful Links

Take a look at general health planning.

Read frequently asked questions

How to help children with their experience of loss. We've been speaking with professionals about this and have acquired some suggestions for you.

Please contact us with your thoughts and questions.

Online Programs - Winter 2023-24

We will continue to connect with children on Instagram youtube, and Facebook.  Off-season contact will include...

  • Weekly discussion of social issues
  • Occasional suggestions for outdoor and creative activities
  • Some HVC silliness of course!
I think the hardest thing about the pandemic for him was not getting to go to HVC. It's his favorite place in the world and he can't wait to be there.
- HVC Parent

This year is extra sweet after the past 16 months... HVC will forever be a part of their childhoods. We are so grateful to provide them this…and more grateful for everything you all stand for at HVC and for what you have given our sons.
- HVC Parent

Making a glass paperweight

Thank you for taking measures to keep the campers safe. Beyond that, we could not be happier with our daughter’s experience, the art she brought home, and the stories we are hearing daily about life at HVC.
- HVC Parent