HVC's Enduring and Resilient Community

In early May, we recognized that the risks of opening camp this summer were too great and informed families, staff and alums that it was wisest to postpone summer programs until 2021.

Despite this sad news for children and adults, we have been touched daily by the dedication expressed by families to the ongoing enrichment that camp life at HVC has provided. And while we think constantly about all that we are missing, we find many silver linings daily in the beauty of the camp environment and the rich community of the small group of staff who are joining us this summer.

The nine staff in residence are continuing to build online programs - At Home with HVC 2020 - that will provide creative and educational opportunities, an introduction to camp life, recognition of social issues, and some wacky entertainment throughout the summer. We are keeping this simple, recognizing that families often want to minimize screen time.

We know that this idea of “At Home with HVC” does not account for an essential element of camp. Children succeed and grow at HVC because they are away from home and out of their comfort zone, because they make new friends and find new role models, because they make independent choices, find their voices, take pride in their new community, and are recognized and known as their true selves in a new safe creative loving space. This is the gift you have given your children and it is the loss that breaks our hearts. It also leaves us with hope for all of us and for the future here…

We spoke to a camp mom recently who said, “I have to remind myself that the pandemic is not the end of childhood.” Thank you!! Neither is it the end of your child’s relationship with HVC. It’s an interruption – sad and scary at times - and we will do our best to be here for your children and for you.

As ever,
Meg and Peter


Online Programs 2020

"At Home with HVC" - Please read about our ongoing presence for children and our exciting virtual community plans,

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How to help children with their continued experience of loss. We've been speaking with professionals about this and have acquired some suggestions for you.

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In September, this space will address plans for programming and health as we look toward Summer 2021.