Peter and Meg Kassen, Camp Director/Owners

Both Meg and Peter have spent over 30 summers camping in Maine and have owned and directed Hidden Valley since 1988. Prior to their years at Hidden Valley they directed other nearby programs. Read on to learn more about the Kassens...

Peter and Meg are members of the American Camp Association and the Maine Summer Camps organization. They raised their daughters at HVC and live in Maine year-round, devoting their full time energies to the direction of Hidden Valley. Depending on the season, they both enjoy cross-country skiing, hiking, or canoeing in Maine's magnificent outdoors. Their eldest daughter is an Oberlin College graduate teaching overseas via a Fulbright fellowship; her younger sister is "pre-vet" at the University of Vermont.

Kassen Family HVC

A Letter from Meg and Peter 

Thank you for your interest in Hidden Valley and its broad range of children’s summer programs. This page and others on the Website represent the beginning of what we hope will be a meaningful relationship between your family and ours at camp.

In an increasingly complex world, a good summer camp - one that takes pride in meaningful values, a child-centered philosophy, and a rich sense of fun - can mean a great deal to a child and his or her family.

We encourage you to call or email us so that we can discuss the ways in which, for many years, Hidden Valley has supported children's emerging identity and sense of independence.

Here are steps you can take as we get to know one another

Pre-camp conversations with us are a great way to begin a child's relationship with an overnight camp and its directors. We live and work at camp year-round and welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your child's individual needs and desires in anticipation of the camp experience.

Talk with HVC families: We can also put you in touch with Hidden Valley families in your area.

Continue to explore the website in order to get a better feeling for Hidden Valley's unique atmosphere, programs and camp people.

Meet with us: If you live in or near Maine, Boston, Connecticut, New York, or New Jersey, we can meet with you and your child during the winter months. Contact us for info on these visits to central locations near you. 

Our brochure and DVD will also address many of your family's questions. Click here to request these materials. 

We look forward to speaking with your family about Hidden Valley.


"Thank you for being so supportive, sensitive and caring to the staff as well as the campers... I have personally grown this summer and this would never have happened were it not for the two of you... Peter - I shake my head in amazement watching you jump from meeting to meeting and still take the time to really be there for everyone on a personal level... Meg - thanks for being the universal "Mom" for campers and staff...with such compassion, fairness and true wisdom." 
                                               - Letter from a Counselor to Meg and Peter

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