Terms and Conditions of Enrollment / Release of Liability

1.  Tuition: Camp deposit due with registration. Tuition balances for all fees, as set forth on the HVC website and Camper Application, must be paid in equal installments on January 20 and March 20. If applicable, I give Hidden Valley Camp permission to debit my account for the tuition amount owed on the dates to which I have agreed.

2. Refunds: 

  • No fee reduction or refund is made for non-arrival, late arrival, or early withdrawal.
  • A 50% refund of the tuition deposit can be made within 30 days of registration. There are no deposit refunds provided after May 1st.
  • In cases of camper illness/injury only, a prorated refund – less deposit – is granted at Directors’ discretion.
  • There is no refund of any fees in the event of epidemic, pandemic, disease or fear thereof (including, but not limited to, Covid-19), vandalism, fire, explosion, storm or other natural disaster, or national emergency or other acts of governmental authority.

3. Medical Policies: All medical forms must be completed in their entirety by a physician during the summer’s calendar year and based on physical exam at most 12 months prior to camp, signed by parent, and received in the camp office by May 1st.

  • Camp may not accept a camper whose form has not arrived or is inconclusive with regard to information relevant to a child’s health or that of the camp population (infectious diseases, required immunizations, etc.) 
  • Parents/guardians agree to provide camp advance notification of a camper’s medical condition, illness, or injury and written clearance from physician to participate in camp. Parents/guardians further understand and agree that camp medical personnel will review such documentation and that camp may not be able to accept and accommodate a child if that child’s participation in camp puts the child or others at risk. 
  • Parents/guardians agree to provide camp with their family’s insurance information to cover all medical costs outside of camp’s Health Lodge.
  • Parents/guardians agree to adhere to all medication and medical policies as noted on the camp Web site, including all policies and precautions relating to Covid-19.

4. Medical Treatment: I hereby authorize any medical personnel selected by the camp director or nurses to order x-rays, routine tests, and other medical treatment that support the health of my child. In the event that I cannot be reached in an emergency, I give permission to the medical personnel selected by the camp director or nurses to hospitalize, secure proper treatment, and to order injections, anesthesia, surgery and any other procedure for my child.

5. Conduct: Families are ultimately responsible for participants’ behavior. We have set a limit on the attention that camp directors and staff will extend to campers who behave disruptively or disregard policies concerning safety and consideration toward other campers or staff. The camp reserves the right to dismiss campers as a result of disruptive, unsafe and/or abusive behavior. There is no refund in such an instance. Parents/guardians agree to take immediate responsibility for children, including transportation home, should dismissal occur.

  • If, in the Directors’ judgment, campers’ family members act in such a way as to disrupt camp operations, or if they do not cooperate in jointly working with Directors to support a child’s camp adjustment, enrollment may be canceled before or during the camp session. No refunds are provided in such instances.

6. Images: Permission is granted to camp to use photos/videos of campers for promotion to current and future families.

7. Release and Indemnity: Permission is granted to Hidden Valley Camp for my child’s participation in all programs and activities and for participation in out-of-camp activities and trips, including transportation off-camp premises, during camper’s enrollment at camp. I have reviewed the Camp materials and am aware of all activities being offered to my child while at Camp and I understand that these programs involve inherent risk which may result in bodily injury and other damages. I agree to waive and release any and all claims I may have against Hidden Valley Camps, Inc. and its employees, directors, officers, volunteers, and agents for any and all claims I may have against them, including claims arising out of or resulting from negligence on the part of Hidden Valley Camp. 

Further, in consideration of my child’s being permitted to participate in camp and to use Camp’s facilities and equipment, I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Hidden Valley Camp and its employees, directors, officers, volunteers, and agents with regard to any and all present and future claims that may be brought against them, including any claims brought by my child, for injuries or damages that may be incurred by the camper as a result of participation in said activities, including any claims arising out of or resulting from Hidden Valley Camp’s negligence or fault.

8. Jurisdiction: All disputes related to these policies or any other aspect of camper’s or family’s relationship with camp will be addressed and settled in Waldo County, Maine. Anyone bringing legal action against Hidden Valley Camps, Inc and/or its directors and officers which results in a decision in favor of Hidden Valley Camps, Inc. will be responsible for all related legal, court, and out of pocket expenses of Hidden Valley Camps, Inc., its directors, officers and employees.

9. Other Policies: Parent/guardians and campers agree to abide by all policies noted here and on the HVC Web site including but not limited to those related to medication, what to pack, banned substances, communication with camp, travel and visitation.