Hidden Valley Adventures

A 4-Week Summer Program

Since 1994, HVA (Hidden Valley’s teen adventure summer program) has provided 14-16 year old campers with these exciting, safe, and challenging opportunities. Available for all reasonably fit participants who enjoy the outdoors; no technical expertise required.

Finding a challenging and well supervised summer adventure for a 14 year old young woman is not easy. The pressure to behave socially like a much older teen, or the 'insult' of being treated like a child made most ideas for an independent summer experience seem inappropriate or just unappealing to Sara and to us. - HV Adventures Parent

Participants challenge their physical abilities in a well-supervised, upbeat atmosphere and develop friendships, self-confidence and leadership skills in the process.

HVA Leadership

Trip leaders are college-trained, experienced in outdoor adventures, and support the Hidden Valley philosophy of personal growth through group interaction. Leaders are professionally trained facilitators who possess relevant outdoor and safety certification, and enjoy work with this dynamic, energetic group of campers.

It was a terrific program! My son gained a lot of confidence from the summer adventures, and still brings up the kayaking, hiking, camping, canoeing stories (from over a year ago) often! - HV Adventures Parent

Based in a Log Cabin

Groups of 7-10 teenaged (14-16) boys and girls set out on adventures lasting up to a week. Between trips, Hidden Valley Adventures is based in a log cabin on the summit of Ledge Mountain located on the 300-acre grounds of Hidden Valley Camp. A short hike from the camp's facilities- dining hall, health lodge, lake, etc.- the log cabin is well isolated from the sights and sounds of civilization.

A Life-Changing Experience

Hidden Valley Adventures meets the needs of teens who want more than a summer vacation away from home with their peers. The program promises to be different, memorable, challenging and fun. Those who take part often find they return home as different people. They have benefited from working and living together with their companions and communing with the great outdoors.

All I can say about the adventure program is WOW! My non-adventurous daughter wants to hike, camp, canoe again. I only wish you had a family or adult version; I'd sign up first. - HV Adventures Parent

We live in the city where it's hard to turn off all the external messages about how to be. Being in the woods with friends and in this beautiful setting was obviously very restorative for Emily. She grew up a little bit. She came back smiling and glowing! HV Adventures Parent

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